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Samsung South East Asia & Oceania Forum 2012

By Andy Sim - 15 Mar 2012

Audio Docks & Home Entertainment Systems

Audio Dock With Vacuum Tube Amplifier

If you're hoping to see something new from Samsung, well here it is - the new Audio Dock DA-E750 equipped with a hybrid vacuum tube amplifier. This dock also marks Samsung's maiden foray into the audio dock market. This pretty babe comes in a mahogany finish (one of our favourite speaker materials). As for its drivers, the Audio Dock sports a 2.1-channel fibre glass speakers and a built-in subwoofer with a power rating of 100 watts. What's really special about the DA-E750, however, is its dual-docking system which makes it OS-agnostic. In other words, this dock is perfectly comfortable with Samsung Galaxy devices (Android-based) and Apple devices as well. Other perks of this audio dock include support for wireless audio streams via Samsung's AllShare, Bluetooth, and Airplay for Apple devices. And let's not forget it also features a USB slot, if you prefer to plug in your trusty thumb-drive instead of a phone or portable media player. Further inspection shows that it carries an auxiliary input as well. Samsung has an alternative model, the DA-E650 (without the tube amp), which sports similar specifications as the DA-E750 such as its dual-docking abilities. However, the E650 is furnished in a horn-shaped form factor rather than a boxy profile like the E750.

It's unlike Samsung not to explore a popular CE category. And true to form, the South Koreans will also be entering the audio dock market with two new models introduced during the event.

Clad in a mahogany finish, the DA-E750 will feature a unique dual docking system as well as a vacuum tube amplifier. It also has a 100-watt built-in woofer to lend this dock some sonic 'oomph'. The DA-E750 will be available in May 2012.

Samsung is hoping to woo fans and followers of valve amplifiers with its incorporation of a vacuum tube amplifier. Will they be able to deliver warmer results from your digitised tracks? We'll let you know if we get our hands on these devices soon.

The curvaceous DA-E650 is equipped with a similar dual-docking system like its E750 sibling for Samsung Galaxy and Apple mobile devices. While it lacks a vacuum tube amp, the E650 does sport Bluetooth features like the E750 model.


3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System

Samsung's audio docks aren't the only ones fitted with their proprietary vacuum tube amplifiers. You can say that the HT-E6750W is a bigger and meaner iteration of the DA-E750. The stylish 7.1-channel systems features four tower speakers as well as Samsung's Swivel drivers, plus a 3D Blu-ray drive of course. Basically, the Swivel speakers enable the listener to angle the drivers upward (towards the ceiling) or downward, depending on one's preference really. Digital sound processing comes in the form of Samsung's Crystal Amp Plus which supposedly amplifies and refines the audio output as well. Rear drivers come in the form of wireless tallboys. To top it all off, the integrated vacuum tubes are illuminated when in use, and they are also visible via the top and side of the home entertainment system. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AllShare Play, and Samsung's Smart Hub platform. The HT-E6750W will be available end March with a launch price of $1,499.

At $1,499, we figure it's a reasonable price to pay for a 3D Blu-ray home theatre system which packs a 7.1-channel sound system and Samsung's new hybrid vacuum tube amplifiers. However, whether this rig sounds impeccable remains to be seen (or heard).

We're unable to glean much technical info from Samsung regarding these tube amps such as their frequency response and harmonic distortion, but they sure are pretty to look at.