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Samsung's 2011 CE Blitz!

By Andy Sim & Hurrairah bin Sohail - 7 Mar 2011

Digital Imaging

Of Cameras, Lenses and Camcorders

It is good to know Samsung did not neglect their digital imaging department during the launch. Some of the highlighted items include new lenses for the NX series, a mirror-less NX11 camera brandishing the APS-C CMOS sensor, and other compacts such as the dual screen ST700 and WiFi-enabled SH100. The new NX lenses will cover the angles needed to satiate the shutterbug, from 60mm macro lenses to 85mm portrait lenses. 

Samsung has added five new lenses to their NX portfolio. Amongst them are the 18-200mm zoom, 16mm F2.4 Ultra Wide Pancake, 60mm Macro, 85mm F1.4 Portrait, and 16-80mm Advanced Standard Zoom lenses.

In a nutshell, the NX11, which replaces the NX10, will feature a stock 18-55mm lens with the new i-Function feature. The i-Function button is situated on the lens barrel, which enables shutterbugs to tweak camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture without having to remove their hand from the lens' frame. Samsung also introduced two new i-Function lenses for the NX11, which consists of a 20mm pancake and 20-50mm zoom lens. Apart from cameras and lenses, another interesting addition to Samsung's digital imaging line-up is the ambidextrous HMX-Q10 camcorder with a Switch-Grip function. Basically it enables you to handle the Full-HD camcorder either in your left or right hand, thanks to its 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD with versatile orientation features.   

The new i-Function feature will enable photographers to access settings such as shutter speed, white balance and ISO without having to remove their grip on the lens. The new NX11 will carry the APS-C sensor which is just a tad bigger than a Micro Four-Third's sensor.

The new ST700 compact boasts of dual LCDs with a larger 1.8-inch front screen for shooting self-portraits. Other sweet perks include a 16.1MP sensor, 26mm 5X optical zoom lens, and Samsung's Smart Touch 3.0 user interface. Suitable for narcissists everywhere!

Yes, the SH100 does what it says - Shoot, Sync and Share. Fitted with WiFi and DLNA, the SH100 enables you to upload images directly unto social networking sites such as Facebook or Picasa without the need for a PC. What's more, you can also exploit an Android-based Samsung smartphone and use it as the camera's remote. It does other scary things like shoot HD videos and geo-tagging.

It doesn't matter whether you are a left or right hander, just as long as you have the HMX-Q10 camcorder! With a versatile LCD capable of switching its orientation, the Q10's Switch-Grip function enables you to hold the 5MP camcorder in either hand given that most of its controls are mounted behind.