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Sony’s 4K Vision - X Series BRAVIA 4K TVs Arrive in PH

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 4 Sep 2013

Sony’s 4K Vision - X Series BRAVIA 4K TVs Arrive in PH

Realizing the 4K Vision With 4K Televisions

Following last year’s introduction of the mind-boggling 84-inch KD-84X9000 4K television which costs around PhP 1.2 million, Sony Philippines demonstrated the 55-inch KD-55X9004 and the 65-inch KD-65X9004 last night at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City. The two new models of Sony’s elite X Series BRAVIA line of 4K televisions primarily differ in terms of screen size, but share similarities in terms of features and technologies.

Posing for the camera with the X Series BRAVIA 4K televisions are (from left to right) Sony Philippines' Zhorida Lipayon, Home Entertainment Product Marketing; Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director; Larry Secreto, Director, National Sales and Marketing; and filmmaker Pepe Diokno.

Sony KD-55X9004

Sony KD-65X9004

Starting off with the main feature of a 4K TV which is display resolution, both the KD-55X9004 and the KD-65X9004 boast 3840 x 2160 resolution or equivalent to 8 million pixels. These 4K TVs provide four times more details than Full HD TVs (1920 x 1080). Such an immense resolution is appreciable on very large televisions, which explains why Sony’s X Series line begins with 55-inch display size.

Equipped with Sony's TRILUMINOS Display, the KD-55X9004 can render wider range of colors than a similar 4K TV offering from a competitor.

Image details that are rendered on the KD-55X9004 and the KD-65X9004 4K televisions appear with accurate and vibrant colors, thanks to Sony’s TRILUMINOS Display. With this technology, the X Series BRAVIA 4K televisions are capable of producing a wider color gamut than other similar offerings in the market. Minute details like the graininess of a rock or the fine strands of a cloth remain discernible when viewed on X Series televisions.

Below are some comparisons:

Sony 4K TVCompetitor

Sony 4K TVCompetitor

Sony 4K TVCompetitor

Comprehending the fact that the scarcity of native 4K content is a challenge when it comes to the adoption of 4K televisions, Sony also added to the KD-55X9004 and the KD-65X9004 4K X-Reality PRO. This technology upscales non-4K content that are displayed on an X Series 4K television.

On the audio front, the KD-55X9004 and the KD-65X9004 incorporate magnetic fluid speakers. Previously exclusive to NASA applications, magnetic fluid speakers are now applied on X Series BRAVIA 4K televisions, allowing these offerings to produce “soul-shaking” sound quality.

Sony Philippines executive together with some of the industry's major content creators at the local launch of Sony X Series BRAVIA 4K televisions.

Based on Sony Philippines website, the KD-55X9004 and the KD-65X9004 are now available at a suggested retail price of PhP 333,399 and PhP 444,499 respectively. While Sony Philippines representatives led by President and Managing Director Yasushi Asaoka admit that the costs are currently prohibitive, they believe that it is going to be a new standard among televisions, similar to the success that the Full HD movement achieved. As a matter of fact, Sony has already established partnerships with the major content providers in the industry to realize such a grand vision.

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