SSD shootout - Intel vs. SanDisk vs. Samsung

By Katrina Canlas & Kenny Yeo - 24 Feb 2015

Results - Iometer (Part 1)

Iometer results (Part 1)

Lastly, we put the drives through the rigorous grind of Iometer, with different workloads and I/O queue depths. We have chosen to show results from a queue depth of 1 to 5 as this better represents the workloads a typical consumer might face.

On Iometer, most of the drives performed quite similarly on the 64k streaming reads workload, with the exception of the Samsung SSD 850 Evo. On the 64k streaming writes workload, the top performing drives were the Samsung SSD 850 Pro and SanDisk Extreme Pro. As expected, the Intel SSD 730 Series did terribly, and this can be attributed to the use of 128Gbit NAND. Moving on to the File Server workload, the Samsung SSD 850 Pro was the top performing drive again, while the SanDisk and Intel drives were toward the middle of the pack. Finally, on the Web Server workload, the Intel SSD 730 Series shone and outperformed the Samsung SSD 850 Pro by a noticeable margin, perhaps hinting of its workstation class pedigree. The SanDisk Extreme Pro’s performance on the last work scenario was slightly below average.