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Things we just can't leave behind when traveling

By Ashley Lucas - 3 Oct 2016

Things we just can't leave behind when traveling

If there’s one thing we cannot leave behind when traveling out of the country, aside from our passports, it’s probably our traveling bags.

Well, it’s true. Think about it. With all the devices we have swimming on top of our clothes and other necessities filling up most of our baggage space, we can never leave our traveling bags behind. We have to admit, we even have a spare one for all the souvenirs!

Believe it or not, we may seem slightly reserved and geeky most of the time, but we do love taking vacations, going out on adventures, and taking some time off to relax and have fun. It’s the best time to try out our new devices, anyway.

With the holiday season fast approaching, off we went to one of the famous shopping hotspots in Asia – the beautiful land in the Southeast coast of China that is Hong Kong. Pulling our Echolac luggage, with backpacks on our shoulders, our team flew to Hong Kong last September to check out plenty of bargains at street markets and join the chaos in Hong Kong’s famous shopping streets, as well as visit several tourist attractions.

We’re not going to talk about our lovely escapade, though. We’re here to give you a rundown of the things our team can’t imagine leaving behind when traveling abroad. Basically, it’s the same with the list of things to bring when packing for a trip, but this one’s even more special, since this article will give you a peek at our team’s very own packing agenda.

Packing doesn’t need to be confusing. Counting our recent trip as the basis of our list, here we give you a special presentation of the majority of the contents of our traveling bags. From a team that loves to cross borders, here’s the inside of our beloved Echolac hardcase luggage:

1. Passport and other important travel documents. You can’t expect to cross borders without them. Having your passport with you all the time is a requirement. Keep it safe and accessible.

2. Wallet with VISA card. One easy way to travel without having to convert money and do math in your head every time you make a purchase abroad is to bring a VISA card. PayMaya will give you just that.

3. Smartphone. Unless your sole purpose is to vanish for a while, you don’t need to bring one. But, as a normal traveler who wishes to have a convenient trip, bringing your smartphone will bring you to places.

4. Powerbank. Expect to do a lot of picture-taking and Googling when traveling. These will drain your battery. A backup powerbank will save you from a lot of trouble.

5. Headphones. It starts on your way to the airport. Expect to untangle it from a messy wrap to ease boredom, as your car desperately looks for a way out of the dreadful metro traffic. It's also useful during the flight.

6. Camera and other devices for taking pictures. “Pics or it didn’t happen.” We know you’ve heard this phrase more times than you can count. Maybe you love saying this to yourself. Apparently, it’s a thing now. To look like a proper tourist, hang that camera on your neck, hold the selfie stick with action camera in one hand, while the other holds a smartphone, and then go all-out to capture quick snaps and selfies. Now you see the picture. Then find a good spot to assemble your portable tripod. This one works great for perfect stills and awesome videos.

7. Umbrella. You never know when it’s going to rain. To keep yourself from buying overpriced ponchos at theme parks, bring one. Just make sure you place it inside your checked-in baggage to avoid conflict with the airport security.

8. Daily essentials. We all know that good hygiene is necessary. But, apart from your toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, face wash, cologne, alcohol, and breath mints, you might want to consider bringing sunblock, lip balm, and insect repellent lotion, as well. Better be safe.

9. Spare bag. We promise you, this comes in handy all the time. After buying all those souvenirs and cute little keychains, you’ll want a spare bag to put them all in. We recommend you bring something big, like a huge backpack that doesn’t need to be heavy and weigh you down. We had the Thule EnRoute Mosey Backpack that can hold up to 28 liters. Since it has compartments that can keep all your personal belongings, you can conveniently carry it around with you. It can also withstand the rain.

10. OOTD. Now we all have come to that one thing we’re all looking forward to use when traveling out of the country. Not just one “Outfit of the Day,” but lots of them. This is something we carefully choose, down to the last tiny detail: the shoes, socks, undergarment, shirt, and accessories. Like we say, “pics or it didn’t happen,” so you might as well look good in those Instagram-worthy shots.

With all these things inside your luggage, you might very well skip having a nervous breakdown in the middle of nowhere and avoid looking worn-down. What you’ll become is a proper tourist enjoying a lovely vacation.

How you pack plays a big role in the outcome of your trip. For our team, being able to fit all these in our luggage meant a great deal. If you plan to pack light, you might want to remove some stuff you think will be unessential for your trip, minimize the OOTDs, and lessen your gadgets for traveling. But, if you don’t want to leave things behind, our list might just help you finish packing for a trip.