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True Beauty Unraveled – 2012 Sony BRAVIA Roster Revealed

By Jason Marges - 30 Apr 2012

True Beauty Unraveled – 2012 Sony BRAVIA Roster Revealed

We, for one, welcome our new, X-Reality PRO-powered overlords.

Hosting a grand launch during a fitting summer getaway to sunny Mactan Island in Cebu last Tuesday, April 24, Sony Philippines officially rolled out its roster of new BRAVIA televisions. Themed “White Summer,” the launch event was held at the Shangri-La Mactan.

The launch was graced by Sony Philippines President and Managing Director Mr. Takao Kuroda (rightmost), who is joined here by Sony’s sales director for BRAVIA TVs, Mr. Larry Secreto and event host, Ms. Sarah Meier-Albano.

Noting the continuing evolution of the TV market, more recently favoring LCD panels and Internet-connected technologies and features, as well as the favorable price erosions for LCD TVs – all key trends observed until the end of 2011 – Sony is introducing its latest batch of high-quality, feature-packed televisions. The new BRAVIA line also touches upon critical TV market assumptions for 2012, such as customers’ demand for larger TV display sizes, the further acceleration of the CRT-to-LCD shift, the growth of LED TV lineups, and even further price erosion for LCD TVs.

Keeping A Keen Eye On Picture Quality

Sony’s key focus for its BRAVIA refresh, however, remains on picture quality, on top of all the bells and whistles that today’s content-hungry culture demands from every new product release. “We know that the best part of the TV has always been – and will always be – the picture quality,” according to Mr. Takao Kuroda, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines. “Sony is cutting through [the noise of mixed TV formats and features that often create confusion] to make TV buying easier with model lines that have very clear differences, each designed to deliver the most premium, best-in-class picture ever.”

While the improved X-Reality PRO takes care of optimizing overall image quality on the new HX 855 series, even the quality of 3D imagery benefits from significantly improved rendering, thanks to new 3D Super Resolution technology.

With that said, Sony placed the emphasis on the exclusive image-optimizing X-Reality PRO and X-Reality digital video processors integrated into the new BRAVIAs. Also incorporated is Sony’s latest version of Motionflow XR technology which allows for smooth, blur-free images onscreen even in movie and game scenes that feature fast-paced action and quick camera movements. Other key enhancements include Dynamic Edge LED, which deliver increased brightness and impressive contrast levels resulting in best-in-class deep blacks, and the Sony-exclusive OptiContrast panel that elevates the picture to the front surface of the TV, creating a dark background that makes high-contrast visuals that are rich and vibrant even in well-lit rooms.

Welcome To The New BRAVIA Lifestyle

The 2012 Sony BRAVIA lineup is headlined by the HX 855 series, which continues Sony’s distinctive Monolithic aesthetic standard. This time though, Sony has upped the ante by incorporating Corning Gorilla Glass on the panels, making the TV thinner and lighter, yet stronger than previous generations. 3D entertainment fans have the HX 750 series to go for, while those hankering for the Internet TV experience can look for the Wi-Fi-ready EX 650 models. Of course, Sony also addresses the needs of those who are just getting started with the home HD experience; this is covered by the BX 350/450 series.

Pricing details have yet to be disclosed, so stay tuned for further updates here and in upcoming issues of HWM. Meanwhile, here are a few more highlights we’ve witnessed and learned about during last week’s launch:

When Sony said it’s focusing on picture quality, it didn’t mean it won’t give design a second thought. Check out the sleek look of its new 3D glasses!

Through Sony Entertainment Network, your home viewing experience goes beyond traditional TV entertainment, thanks to access to a wide array of apps and services based online.

Content Throw is a handy new feature that leverages on the interconnectivity of a modern user’s devices. It basically lets you “throw” content stored in or streamed on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone into the bigger BRAVIA screen for a better, easier-to-share viewer experience. It also lets you use your device as a remote control for the TV.

To learn more about the BRAVIA line and other Sony products, visit www.sony.com.ph.