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Why digital disruption is the biggest frenemy of today's businesses

By Nestor Domingo Jr - 1 Sep 2017

Why digital disruption is the biggest frenemy of today's businesses

Infor recently tackled the emergence of digital disruption phase in a roundtable discussion held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City. The discussion showed how lifestyle has gone digital in the recent years, and how digital disruption has taken place on being either a friend or enemy in the business industry.

Infor’s Director for Solution Consulting for Asia Pacific & Japan region Cas Brentjens shared a lot of insights that surround matters involving the age of connected intelligence and on how for one to thrive in the age of disruption.

Several names in the business industry have been changing from being enterprise-centric into a network. The digital disruption phase has affected the main priorities in business models, from mass production to hyper-personalization, strategic integrations, with connectivity bridging in the supply (manufacturing capabilities), demand (customer expectations), and the tool that is technology.

That said, objectives, issues, and trends are expected to take over the landscape, with customer obsessions and cyber security being the focal points of how will the factory of the future and digital transformation roll as far as the state of the global economy is concerned.

The tech firm has cited Nike as an example on how it transformed themselves to keep up with the changing times for its business from being just an ordinary and fashionable shoe retailer into a purveyor of active lifestyle, specifically, being an advocate of running.

Infor is a company known for building business software worldwide, and Manila has become its second largest office in the world (next to India) with 1,700 people filling up its workforce. All in all, Infor is comprised of approximately 15,000 employees in its 168 direct offices, and serves around 90,000 customers and 1,750+ partners in over 170 countries and territories.

The firm has been providing an array of solutions that aims to manage every part of the front office, back office, and supply chain operations in a very seamless and secure manner. It involves cloud networking that aims to connect the world through chains of converged physical and financial supply networks, as well as providing an architecture of architecture of solutions that unleashes the end-to-end capabilities of a corporation or start-up.