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Canon Digital IXUS 132 - Basic Yet Practical (Updated)

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 2 Apr 2014
Launch SRP: PhP5000

Physique and Features

Update: Go to Page 2 to view the sample images and the review's conclusion. For more unit images of the Canon Digital IXUS 132 and its sample photos, visit and register at the Forums section.

An Entry-level IXUS

The 16-megapixel Digital IXUS 132 is one of the point-and-shoot cameras that Canon launched last year. Positioned as an entry-level offering, the IXUS 132 is among the least expensive cameras from Canon. It was introduced along with other IXUS camera models such as the 255 HS, 140, and the 135. The IXUS 132 has been around for quite a while, yet it is one of the point-and-shoot camera models that Canon showcased at its booth in the PhotoWorld Asia 2014 last month.

The frosted and metallic surface of the Canon Digital IXUS 132 makes it less prone to unsightly fingerprints and smudges.

Design-wise, the IXUS 132 looks neat and simple. It is one of the most modest models that we met from Canon's elegant line of IXUS cameras, such as the 240 HS, 1100 HS, and the 220 HS. The IXUS 132 is not very feminine, yet its frosted and metallic paintjob gives it a touch of timeless chic. The frosted surface also makes the camera less prone to unwanted fingerprints and smudges. Although it does not look as thin as some of Sony's Cyber-shot cameras like the DSC-TX20, DSC-TX66, DSC-TX10, DSC-TX55, and the DSC-TX5, it does not feel too bulky while inside a pocket.

The IXUS 132's double-sided aspherical lens features 8x optical zoom, 28 - 224mm focal length (35mm equivalent), and f/3.2 - f/6.9 aperture range.

In spite of its entry-level position, Canon’s use of a metal casing for the IXUS 132 is a good decision. It adds to the overall durability of the camera. There was a time that we accidentally dropped the camera inside a mall. It hit the concrete floor at a height of about a meter. The camera's casing flexed and opened a little bit. Nevertheless, it is still functioning very well.

The reviewer accidentally dropped this unit of the IXUS 132. The accident resulted in the partial opening of the camera's casing, yet the entire mechanism is still working very well. Also shown here are the camera's battery module and empty SD card slot.

It has a mini-USB port on the side and, based on our testing, it worked only to output captured images on a TV through A/V connectors. It did not function as a data port which you can use to transfer images from the camera to a computer. On the storage front, note that the IXUS 132 does not have onboard storage, so make sure that you brought an SD card with you before leaving home. The IXUS 132 uses a 680mAh lithium-ion battery module (NB-11L). When fully-charged, this battery is enough to keep the IXUS 132 ready for the entire day without firing too much flash.

The IXUS 132 makes use of a 2.7-inch non-touch display. Seen on the right side of it are the camera's controls.

Being one of the basic IXUS camera models, the IXUS 132 does not have a touchscreen display. The control of the camera is entirely dependent on the circular navigation panel and the buttons surrounding it (Record, Playback, and Menu). Users of older Canon digital cameras such as the PowerShot A480 and the PowerShot A490 should never have problems playing around with the IXUS 132. Above the circular navigation panel, there is the switch that allows you to switch from Auto to the other shooting modes of the camera.