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D-Link Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera – Security Simplified

By Rico Cruz - 27 Oct 2011

Features and Conclusion

Sophisticated Sentinel

Setting up the D-Link Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera is a breezy affair, as the setup program consists of just three steps. The first step is installing the camera in to your home network. If your router has a WPS button, you can just press that and the corresponding one on the camera to connect them wirelessly. Otherwise, you use the included Ethernet cable. Once the camera is part of your network, the setup program asks if you want to use the camera wirelessly or wired. After that, the program will ask you to setup a mydlink account. Take note that the setup wizard does not install camera software on your local drive, the camera is accessible online via an Internet browser. Another way to access the camera, which we found to be quite neat, is the mydlink Lite mobile application for iOS and Android. You get a pretty steady live feed with sound, plus the ability to take snapshots which are saved on your smartphone.

To access the camera, you need to setup a mydlink account. This means that you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection. After logging in, you are met with a live feed.

To view the camera's live feed on the go, you can download the mydlink Lite mobile app, either for iOS or Android.

The Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera offers a number of advanced features that make it stand out. One of them is motion detection, which is set in the advanced options menu. Once enabled, the online software cuts the feed into a grid, where you will pick areas for the camera to watch out for motion. You can set the camera to send you an email to alert you of any movement, or to send continuous snapshots at a specified interval. Instead of email, you can set the camera to send the snapshots to an FTP server.

You can set the camera to detect motion in a particular part of the feed or the whole thing by clicking on different parts of the grid.

If motion is detected, the camera can be set to send you an email alert. Setting this up is a bit technical though, and we wonder if it could have been made simpler.

As the camera's name specifies, it is suited for both day and night, thanks to its night vision mode. In terms of image quality, it is not very high but good enough at VGA resolution (680 x 480). This takes quite a hit when in night mode however. As for audio, the built-in microphone works quite well, as it picked up plenty of audible sounds with not that much noise.

A sample shot of the camera's night mode.

Another sample image, this time in day mode.

Final Thoughts

D-Link is arguably one of the more known brands in the networking market, and they have, with the Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera, come up with a very simple and easy to use system. We especially appreciated the quick setup procedure, and the smooth performance of the mydlink website and the mydlink Lite mobile app, not to mention the nifty advanced features and night vision mode. We recommend this for those who need a hassle-free way to keep eyes and ears in a home or in a small office at all times.

For more information, please visit D-Link's official website.