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Edifier R1800BT review: Music-filled

By Jonnah Pante - 11 Apr 2017

Edifier R1800BT review: Music-filled

When portable speakers started dominating the audio category, traditional and bulky multimedia speakers followed suit with Bluetooth-capability injected to them. We had the chance to have a closer look and listen to one of their kind: the Edifier R1800BT bookshelf speaker.

Edifier R1800BT

Quick specifications:

Ouput Power - RMS 16W x 2 (treble), 19W x 2 (midrange and bass)

Frequency Response - 60Hz - 20KHz

Weight - 6.63kg

Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm AUX

The Edifier R1800BT comes with a 19mm silk dome tweeter for its treble unit and a 4-inch bass unit which produces 70W of sound. Out of the box, the Edifier R1800BT comes in a box design with a glossy surface. Clothed in an all-black frame, it espouses a minimalist, premium look, which makes it appropriate to be seated next to stylish furniture pieces.

The Edifier name is etched on the front part of both of the speakers

The sides of the Edifier R1800BT are made with a glossy black piano finish. With a 10-degree angle tilted form factor, the Edifier R1800BT can fill up an entire room with clear and sharp tunes.

It also has a loaded package with dual RCA to dual RCA audio cable, 3.5mm to dual RCA audio connecting cable, and a speaker connecting cable along with its tiny remote control, a cleaning cloth, and a booklet for quick installation guide.

Situated at the back of its active speaker are the usual controls for volume, bass, and treble, as well as audio input ports and its power switch, while on the front is an indicator light. It also comes with a removable soft speaker grille that protects the insides of the Edifier R1800BT from dirt and dust.

Edifier R1800BT's control panel is situated at the back of its right speaker.

The Edifier R1800BT doesn't have LED display. There's only a single light found at the front of its active speaker which turns green when in standby mode, and blue when paired with Bluetooth devices.

The Edifier R1800BT has a detachable speaker grille which protects the insides of the speakers from dust and dirt.

We were able to play a number of our favorite tunes on the speakers via Bluetooth and its 3.5mm jack. Pairing our devices to the Edifier R1800BT is a seamless task, which we did either by pressing the Bluetooth on the remote or the volume dial found at the back.

In terms of overall audio performance, the Edifier R1800BT made a good impression by generating clear and balanced tunes with sharp treble and punchy bass without overwhelming the vocals. We played a number of songs in different genres and the Edifier R1800BT did not disappoint by giving an outstanding performance in playing tunes that we'd loved to dance and sing along to. Sound distortion is also almost absent even with the volume tweaked to its maximum level, all thanks to Edifier R1800BT's Dynamic Range Control and Digital Sound Processing features. The Edifier R1800BT also did a good job on filling ever corner of our lab with music unlike the isolated and incomplete sound given by some of the multimedia bluetooth speakers we previously listened to. 

The Edifier 1800BT's package also comes with a tiny remote control for an easier method of tweaking the speakers.

The Edifier R1800BT is available through Edifier's official website and through Banbros Commercial Inc., Edifier's official distributor here in the Philippines. If you're an old soul who likes having a nice and premium-looking speakers seated next to your precious books and displays at home, jot down the Edifier R1800BT on the top of your list.

  • Design 9
  • Performance 9
  • Features 8.5
The Good
Superb sound performance
Minimal sound distortion
Premium look brought by glossy piano finish
Easy setup
The Bad
Fingerprint magnet body