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Epson Inkjet Photo L800 - Flagship Ink Tank Photo Printer

By Martin James David - 14 Aug 2012
Launch SRP: PhP13800

Design and Features

The Epson L-Series - Ink Tank Printers

About a year ago, Epson launched its new L-series printers. These printers were the very first to have their very own ink tanks, providing them with a continuous flow of ink. This does not only allow low cost ink tank printing but also provide high productivity printing with minimal ink usage.

With Epson's introduction of its very own ink tank system, the company also added their very own Micro Piezo print head with their L-series printers. This allows the printers to achieve a maximum of 5760 x 1440 dpi. The print head is also equipped with their variable size droplet technology (VSDT) which allows it to eject ink in three different sizes.

Another feature that is present with the L-series printers is the Fast Ink Top-up (FIT) Technology for their ink tanks. This technology uses a choke valve to control the flow of ink from the ink tanks to the ink tubes of the printer. The technology gives you more value for every bottle of ink you use and allows you to easily transport the printer without the fear of ink leakage.

The Flagship Ink Tank Photo Printer

The flagship L800 photo printer looks like your ordinary home/office Epson printer sporting a black finish (shiny on the top) until you look at it really closely. From the packaging that the L800 came in, we noticed that there were no ink cartridges included. Instead there were different color ink bottles inside the box. 

This is the Epson L800 Ink Tank Photo Printer. Notice on the right side, there is a small additional portion to the main body of the printer.

The Epson L800 has a textured feel on its top giving it a different vibe when you look at or touch it.

Aside from the usual home/office printer look, there is an added portion to the side of the printer, the portion holds the famous ink tank system that Epson has developed. Coupled with this ink tank system is the use of their Micro Piezo print head with a minimum ink droplet size of 1.5 picoliter and an increased printing resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. The L800 boasts approximately 34 ppm (pages per minute) print speed for black and color A4 draft, 13 seconds per borderless 4R draft photo, 11 seconds per bordered 4R draft photo, and 27 seconds per borderless 4R non-draft photo.

Here is a close-up shot of the ink tank system of the L800. The system is divided into three parts: the six tanks, the special ink tubes, and the choke valve.

The L800 ink tank system features a choke valve which controls the flow of ink from the ink tanks to the print head. This mechanism is useful when transporting the printer since it minimizes the chances of a leak.

The Epson L800 is a six-color (Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Light Cyan, and Light Magenta) printer that uses a pre-installed ink tank system. These are the 6 ink bottles included in the package.

Despite its hefty physique, the Epson L800 has a very minimalist design with regards to its controls and connectivity. Being only a single-function printer, the L800 only has the three basic printer buttons with LEDs below them. In terms of connectivity, it uses a USB cable to connect and receive data from the computer. The L800 does not support LAN or Wi-Fi connectivity which we have been seeing in recent printer designs. This does not impede the printing abilities of the L800 but it could have been a nice addition to have other connectivity options aside from the usual USB port.

The basic and only controls for the L800. From the left, we have the power button, the low ink warning button, and the paper jam button. The buttons have LEDs below them: yellow for the power and orange for the other two.

From the rear, the only port one can find is the USB port. It might have been good to see other options for connectivity but this does not limit the L800's printing prowess.

The Epson L800 also allows direct CD/DVD printing with the use of an Epson-packaged printing software. The printer is also packaged with a CD/DVD tray that latches on to the existing paper tray the printer has. This comes in handy if you have a lot of unlabeled CDs/DVDs or if you plan to be burning a lot of data to CDs/DVDs since labeling them would not need any other material such as a sticker CD label.

Here is a photo of the L800 in all its glory. The input paper tray can hold around 120 sheets of A4 paper or 20 sheets of premium glossy photo paper, while the output paper tray can hold around 50 sheets of A4 paper.

The L800 has a removable paper tray and an additional CD/DVD tray as it is able to directly print labels onto a CD/DVD, a pretty nifty add-on feature for a printer.

Here is a photo showing how the additional CD/DVD tray is installed. It goes on top of the paper tray. The provided instructions are easy enough to follow.