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F&D F550X review: Play it all

By Jonnah Pante - 23 Sep 2016

F&D F550X: Play it all

The F&D F550X

The F&D F550X is a 2.1 computer multimedia speaker with a 3-inch full-range driver for its satellites rated at 14W each, and a 6.5-inch bass driver for its subwoofer rated at 28W.

The F&D F550X's satellites, rated at 14W each.

Out of the box, the F&D F550X comes clothed in an all-black frame with a matte finish, from its subwoofer to its satellites. To add detail to its design, Fenda has equipped the F550X with a housing, which flaunts an X-shaped metal grille with LED that alternately flashes different colors. It would have been more appealing to us if it flashed the lights in sync with the music we played.

Also found in front is its small LED screen for digital display. Although simple, its overall design makes the F&D F550X look tough and well-built.

Situated at the back of the F&D F550X are the power switch, bass, and treble wheel, audio ports for the satellites, and the FM antenna.

Found on the subwoofer’s right cheek is F&D F550X’s side control panel with the usual buttons for volume, pause and play, next and previous track, Bluetooth, and source. Users can manipulate the F550X either with the side control panel or using the remote control. If you'd ask us, though, we'd prefer using the remote control for the reason that its side control panel tends to get resistive reading commands at times that we had to press it twice or thrice.

What we appreciate about the F550X is that it has an SD card slot and USB port, which gave us other options for music source other than pairing our devices to it through its Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity.

The F&D F550X's side control panel with SD card slot and USB port.

The F&D F550X's remote is powered by two AAA batteries.

Aside from its multi-optional input sources, it also comes with built-in FM radio, which can store up to 100 stations. During our test, it recorded 22 working FM radio stations in the initial scan. While it might be because of the good reception in our office, listening to FM radio stations is a delight with the F&D F550X. We were impressed that it didn't play that annoying blurry sound loudly when the signal gets weak.

The F&D F550X also has NFC connectivity enabled.

With regards to sound performance, the F&D F550X was able to fill the room with loud and pounding music with minimal audio distortion even with the volume set at its highest peak. We enjoyed listeing to Madonna's Ghosttown with the F550X, as it resonated a punchy bass even with the bass wheel tuned at the medium level. We also played Smooth by Santana, and the F550X gave justice delivering the song by maintaining the adequate balance with all the background instruments and the vocals.

With portable Bluetooth speakers currently on hype, the F&D F550X surely makes a difference by bringing 2.1 computer multimedia speakers back in the picture. With a retail price of PhP 3,900, you can already have the F&D F550X's play it all function, outstanding sound performance, and fine design – all definitely worth a try.  

  • Design 8.5
  • Performance 9
  • Features 9
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Excellent sound performance
Play it all feature
Fine design
The Bad
Resistive controls
Initial set up can be quite confusing