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Fujifilm X-A3: Fun for Starters

By Nestor Domingo Jr - 28 Nov 2017
Launch SRP: PhP34990

Fujifilm X-A3: Fun for Starters

The past 12 months saw the camera tech brand Fujifilm launched a series of new products that promise photography enthusiasts – both professional and newbies – a great user experience, be it on the classic film paper or on the digital electronic side. One of these products is the new Fuijfilm X-A3 (released August 2016), a digital mirrorless camera featuring a classic and dynamic rangefinder design, 24-megapixel sensor, touchscreen screen which can turn for up to 180 degrees, and an electronic shutter option.

From formal portraits to the always-popular selfies, the Fujifilm X-A3 promises to bring the picture-taking experience for everyone, which includes those noobs like yours truly, and somehow they delivered close to perfection works and customizable features which could have run much better in a menu without leaving the preview screen.

The X-A3 sports a retro design that bags numerous features which can deliver potentially-stunning classics, while embracing the brand’s long history with the inclusion of Film Stimulators and Advance Filters; making this device a convergence of old and new camera technologies in more ways than one.

This camera device has two dials for a much needed on-the-spot previewing before taking a shot. That makes up for a settings menu which takes you out of the LCD viewfinder momentarily to make further adjustments such as ISO, white balance (WB), and even filters. Apart from that, it has a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor, which runs well in most lighting conditions and has the capabilities to take more detailed images at various sensitivities. 

Taking shots in the dark, however, is another thing, as Fujifilm X-A3 relies heavily on the focusing light that is emitted on the front of the camera.

Sharing photos from the camera to smartphone or computer can be also more convenient with the Fujifilm Camera Remote Control which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It is impressive to notice the near-flawless connectivity while retaining the transported-images’ quality for it to be more bearable to upload to your preferred social networking sites.

It helps that Fujifilm X-A3’s battery can be charged by simply plugging in a universal USB cable to its USB port. Charging time lasts barely two hours, though.

With superb film and digital features enclosed in a retro-designed mirrorless camera, provides the fun experience for most of the time and your money. In the Philippines, the X-A3 sells for the price of PhP34,990 bundled with a 16-50mm Super EB XC lens.