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Jabra Solemate - Sounds for Your Sole

By Marvin R. Velasco - 14 Feb 2013

Jabra Solemate - Sounds for Your Sole

Tough, Inside and Out

It’s hard not to wonder what Jabra was thinking when coming up with the Solemate. An obvious play on the word “soulmate,” you’ll notice that this portable speaker does, in fact, have a sole beneath it. The rubber grip isn’t just for extra traction, however, as it actually helps to define the Solemate’s purpose, which is impeccable quality, in both build and sound.

Designed to be tough, the Jabra Solemate is both dust- and splash-resistant.

The first thing you’ll notice when picking up the Solemate is its hefty weight. At 610 grams, the portable speaker would surely add significant bulk to your backpack or purse. But like mentioned earlier, the unit is very tough, being both dust- and splash-resistant. Turning on the unit will greet you with a welcoming tune. In fact, most of the functions of the Solemate are assisted by a voice, such as when connecting through Bluetooth or checking the battery level.

The 3.5mm audio cable can be conveniently stored underneath the unit. Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity is also available in case you want to move around with your music player.

You can play music either through the bundled 3.5mm audio cable or wireless Bluetooth connection. Pairing up using the latter proved to be an easy task and provided audio comparable to that of its wired counterpart. There’s also a micro-USB port available, but it’s purely for charging the unit. Playing music and taking calls is a pleasurable experience on the Solemate and its 2.1 stereo speakers. It has a clear range throughout; it’s only when you pump up the volume when the sound begins to crack. At full volume, the bass falls apart. So even though it can fight the open-air elements, it works best at lower volumes indoors.

The Jabra Solemate is a bit pricey with an SRP of US$ 199.99, but it’s difficult to resist its charm and durability. Snag one up if your soul needs a sole for its musical needs.

A handy pouch comes with the Solemate, adding extra protection for your beach or outdoor trips.

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