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LG Music Flow P5 review: Control your music

By Ciara Alarcon - 2 Sep 2016

LG Music Flow P5 review: Control your music


LG Electronics' new Music Flow P5 is one of the many wireless speakers that arrived in our office last month. With two weeks of listening tests, we find out if this portable device got the chops to join our wireless speaker collection.

Below is the quick specifications of the LG Music Flow P5:

  • Bluetooth – Yes
  • Portable Audio In – Yes (3.5mm)
  • Display – Led Indicator
  • Audio Sound Mode – Dynamic Loudness Algorithm, Standard, Voice, User EQ
  • Convenience – Multipoint (two devices), Dual Play, Bluetooth Proximity (Android), Sound Sync, Playback Controls in App
  • Battery – Lithium-ion, 2100mAh



The Music Flow P5 comes in a rectangular shape with speakers located on both the front and back and buttons positioned at the top. We find its design simple and portable, giving off a modern and classy appeal.



What impressed our team the most is its Multi Point feature that allows you to connect two devices at the same time. We experienced a weak connection on one paired device, though. Good thing the other had a strong connection.

It also has a Dual Play feature that enables you to connect two LG Bluetooth speakers to one device, resulting to a stereo-like experience.

LG Music Flow P5 also has a TV Sound Sync feature that connects your speaker to a Bluetooth-compatible television.



In our test, we listened to music with different genres and sounds. Some of these were:

  • Hello – Adele
  • Hotel California – The Eagles
  • Sugar – Maroon 5
  • Who we are – Imagine Dragons

During the test, the Music Flow P5 managed to maintain the sound quality of each music even at the highest volume. It produced clear audio and solid bass without empowering the vocals, and we enjoyed the clarity of the instruments of the songs. We still prefer to listen on a standard volume, however, to avoid sound distortion.

The LG Music Flow P5 has a good battery life. It lasted for more than 12 hours of continuous usage, although it took us almost 4 hours to fully charge its battery.



Considering its price at PhP 4,990, which we find a good deal for such a speaker, the LG Music Flow P5 exceeded our expectations. It lets you easily control our music, and it has features that will satisfy the needs of every music lovers. It is also portable enough so you can conveniently listen to music anywhere you are.

  • Design 8.5
  • Performance 8.5
  • Features 9
  • Value 8
The Good
Strong connection.
It has a portable and handy design.
Features perform well.
The Bad
Paired devices has no equal connection when Multi Point feature is used.
There's a sound distortion on its highest/loudest volume.