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Logitech G600 - Built For MMO Gaming

By Martin James David - 6 Nov 2012
Launch SRP: PhP2770

The MMO Gaming Mouse

The MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech, the premier computer peripheral manufacturer adds another product to its gaming lineup, the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. This is one of the very few gaming mice out in the market that supports a whole lot of programmable buttons to address the needs of MMORPG players around the world. 

The G600 mouse comes in a very modest packaging. Nothing too flashy, just the essentials.

The packaging has a front door which when opened showcases the mouse and some more nifty features.

Logitech doesn't go all out with the packaging and provides the G600 in a very simple packaging. All the features included in the mouse are well detailed outside the box. As for the things included in the package, the consumer gets the mouse and a user manual. Nothing more and nothing less. A driver installer could have been added but due to the fact that drivers get updated somewhat frequently, Logitech opted not to add a CD installer as the G600 drivers and additional software can be found online.

Coming in either white or black, the G600 definitely is one of those gaming mice which are subtle but manages to give off an astounding presence once used. The sleek and minimalist design really gives this mouse that non-gaming mouse feel which is good as most gamers would prefer simplicity and functionality over excessive aesthetics.

The G600 mouse in all its glory. The sample that we got is of the black variant but the mouse also comes in white. The braiding on the cable is superb and makes it easy to manage.

Amid the lot of programmable buttons, the G600 adds another button where the ring finger could rest or do some additional clicking.

The material used on this mouse is a soft-touch plastic which seems to let the palm to breathe as sweating wasn't apparent even after hours of use. It also doesn't attract fingerprints like a magnet. Using the mouse proved to be pretty straightforward as you just plug it in a USB port and you're good to go. Programming all the additional keys is a breeze with Logitech's gaming software where each key can be programmed to run a set of key combinations or record your very own macro for your personal needs. 

The G600 isn't that bulky and has just the right fit for people with moderately large hands.

Logitech's approach for this mouse is to keep the minimalist yet sleek look and feel while adding a ton of features.

To further test the mouse, we used it for both FPS games and MMORPGs. For FPS games, the mouse's DPI shift buttons proved to be useful for those quick changes to the mouse's scrolling speed depending if you want to snipe someone out or just straight out release a flurry of bullets from left to right. As for MMORPGs, the set of buttons on its side proved to be easy to reach except for the last row while gaming but that could easily be remedied by moving your hand down a bit. These buttons provide great functionality when you need to press lots of buttons simultaneously.

Last but not the least, the set of side keys is what makes this an MMO gaming mouse. We see 12 all-programmable keys on its side.

Not only are these buttons programmable, they're also backlit and can light up in almost any color.