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Norton 360 Multi-Device by Symantec - A Suite of Multiple Solutions for Multiple Devices

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 15 Apr 2014
Launch SRP: PhP3450

Introduction and Features for Desktops and Laptops

Rolled Into One

Since Symantec's acquisition of Norton in the early 90s, the brand has been heavily associated with the word "antivirus." Along with the developments in the entire computing industry and the Internet, cybercriminal tactics also expanded from computer viruses to other forms of online threat. An antivirus alone is no longer adequate in handling different forms of malware attacks such as phishing, spyware, trojans, and worms. Hence, Symantec has developed Norton from being a dedicated antivirus program into an all-encompassing security software solution that features antiphishing, backup, and personal firewall known as Norton 360. Today, in the so-called post-PC era, Symantec has introduced Norton 360 Multi-Device which can cover up to five devices in one year subscription. The suite is designed not only to provide protection for Windows desktops and notebooks, but also for smartphones and tablets that run either on Android or iOS platforms.

Norton 360 Multi-Device's user interface is notable for its simplicity.

Norton 360 Multi-Device can be installed by using the supplied disc or downloading the software suite from the Internet. If installed through the disc, note that LiveUpdate must run to download the latest software patches and virus definitions. Overall, the installation is quick. If you chose installing the suite from the disc, note that you must allow it to download updates from the Internet, which in our case, the file size reached around 190MB. Noteworthy, do not forget to activate and register your subscription by using a valid email, which will lead you to the creation of a Norton account. Having your own Norton account gives you the advantage of having access to Norton 360 Multi-Device’s cloud-based features, especially anti-theft services, which we’ll elaborate later.

Norton 360 Multi-Device offers different modes of malware scanning. Moreover, it features the more aggressive Norton Power Eraser. Knowing that Facebook can be a source of infection, Facebook Wall scanning is also included.

Antivirus, Anti-phishing, Firewall, and Backup

Norton 360 Multi-Device offers different modes in malware scanning. Apart from Quick and Full, the software suite can also perform custom scan. It also features Facebook Wall scanning and Norton Power Eraser, which according to Symantec, eliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove malware that traditional virus scanning doesn't always detect. Safe Web for Facebook scans users’ Facebook Wall and News Feed for URLs containing security threats, such as phishing sites, malicious downloads, and links to unsafe external sites. SONAR, a component of Norton 360 Multi-Device’s scanning mechanism, enables the software suite to detect the signs that a file is dangerous to proactively protect users from never-before-seen threats from the Internet.

This section of Norton 360 Multi-Device's user interface presents more options for maintaining a protected desktop or laptop.

Symantec believes that prevention is better than cure. Hence, Symantec has equipped Norton 360 Multi-Device with additional tools that will help in preventing users from acquiring Internet malware. Integrated into the software suite is a configurable personal firewall that allows users to control and modify installed programs on how they access the Internet, and Norton Safe Web, a component of Norton 360 Device’s anti-phishing technology that provides users with a preview of a website and blocks potentially malicious webpages. Norton 360 Multi-Device also features Norton Family for parental control that protects children from online predators by allowing users to understand what they are really doing online.

With Norton 360 Multi-Device, users may choose the files to backup, assign a backup destination, and perform scheduled backups.

Another key offering of Norton 360 Multi-Device is personal backup. It allows users to selectively backup the files that they need and store them on another storage device or Norton’s 25GB worth of cloud-based storage. Users may also perform backup and recovery outside their desktop or notebook PC’s operating system by booting from the Norton 360 Multi-Device disc.