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Toshiba Satellite M840 - The Shiny Renewal

By Martin James David - 10 Sep 2012
Launch SRP: PhP45990

Physique and Features

The Metallic Mirror

Toshiba brings more power, portability, and style to consumers with its latest line of Satellite notebooks. With the renewal of Toshiba's Satellite lineup, it introduces its latest addition to the Satellite family, the Satellite M800 series. These notebooks are aimed to target the mainstream notebook market. We had the opportunity to test out and see what the Toshiba Satellite M840 has in store for the consumer.


The Toshiba Satellite M840 is a 14-inch notebook that comes in three different metallic mirror finish: Blue Horizon, Pink Blush, and Gold Blaze.

Design And Physique

The test unit that we received is clad in Blue Horizon chassis. The metallic mirror finish surely does give the Satellite M840 that extra shine and eye-catchiness. If you've owned an older Satellite notebook, you would definitely notice that it has almost the same body. It isn't as light as an Ultrabook nor is it as heavy as a gaming laptop. The weight of the Satellite M840 is just right for the mainstream user.

The metallic mirror finish of the Satellite M840 is definitely one of the shiniest finish seen on notebooks today.

The Satellite M840 features a chiclet-type keyboard and a 14-inch display with a built-in HD web camera. The palm rest and touchpad is also of the same finish as the cover.

Looking at the left and right sides, we see a full range of ports, multiple USB ports (two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0), Ethernet port, HDMI, VGA, external microphone, external headphone, and a DVD optical drive. The included 2-in-1 card reader is located on the lower front of the body instead of the side.

On the left side, we see the Ethernet port, the USB ports (one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0), and the DVD optical drive.

On the right side, we see the microphone and headphone ports, another USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, and the VGA port. The exhaust grill and AC adaptor port are also located on this side.

On the lower right portion of the body, we find the 2-in-1 card reader and the LED indicators for charging/battery, power, and wireless connectivity.

The ports and output connectivity included in the Satellite M840 are more than enough for the average user's daily needs. It just seemed odd that Toshiba still included a USB 2.0 port when in fact it could have made it into another USB 3.0 port as it is backwards compatible.

Heading on over to the included input devices, the Satellite M840 uses the traditional touchpad with two buttons and the widely-adapted chiclet-type keyboard. 

The chiclet-type keyboard design of the M840 looks good but the keys didn't seem to provide enough resistance or they were too shallow to give that comfortable typing feel.

The touchpad on this notebook isn't your ordinary touchpad as it has support for multi-gesture commands (i.e. rotating and zooming in and out images). It is quite a nice touch to make use of the same color and finish for the touchpad as the cover.

When opening the Satellite M840, the speaker grill can easily be spotted as it covers quite a bit of space above the keyboard. Toshiba opted to place the shiny power button as part of the grill.