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3C Wireless brings 3C Secure Network solution in PH

By Ashley Lucas - on 10 Oct 2016, 3:14pm

3C Wireless brings 3C Secure Network solution in PH

 Executive Vice President Dr. Ted Marr, Ph.D. and Chief Technology Officer Robert Huddlestone of 3C  Enterprise Wireless.

Reaching out to the unbanked population with an aim to boost the financial inclusion in the country, 3C Wireless has brought its 3C Secure Network (3CSN) solution in the Philippines, which is designed for wireless Automated Teller Machine (ATM) networks.

3C Wireless' 3CSN technology offers secure, reliable, and high-speed machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. It can be deployed anywhere with a mobile data coverage, allowing faster transaction and more functionalities on the ATM. 

The solution is multi-carrier-enabled so it will automatically recover from carrier-related network failures.

The 3CSN solution comes with Connect Live to ensure that the carrier connection is available 100 percent of the time. Unlike all other solutions, it is not affected by everyday network congestion problems. Data security is also built into the 3CSN solution with all traffic encrypted from the 3CSN Router to a termination point that is physically housed in the customer data center, so each customer can have their own secure, private network.

The device provides a direct TCP/IP connection between the ATM and the host. All traffic is encrypted from the 3CSN router to the bank data center, and the bank then enforces its own security policy for the ATM traffic.

This solution is currently deployed in Indonesia and Australia. 3C Wireless is looking forward to fully deploy it in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar, soon.

3C Wireless is currently sealing the deal with three leading banks in the country, with plans of discussing it to several more local banks.