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AMD gears up with Ryzen Threadripper, Radeon RX Vega

By Jonnah Pante - on 2 Aug 2017, 10:22am

AMD gears up with Ryzen Threadripper, Radeon RX Vega

AMD strengthens the high-end PC market  with the availability of Ryzen Threadripper CPUs on August 10 and launching of the Radeon RX Vega family of GPUs, at their annual Capsaicin SIGGRAPH event in Los Angeles.

The 16-core and 12-core Threadripper Ryzen processors are both available for pre-order at suggested price of $999 and $799 respectively. Its new 8-core that has a suggested price of $549 will be available on August 31.

All of these processors has a full ecosystem of X399 platforms support and its motherboard designs are  already available at ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and other top motherboards manufacturer.

Delivering advanced feature sets, increasing efficiency and leadership performance on the latest and most demanding PC workloads, the excellent Ryzen CPU gives uninterrupted performance in Ryzen Threadripper.

Meanwhile, Radeon RX Vega served enthusiast-class gaming with the most sophisticated GPU architecture ever constructed. It boosts even the most demanding games and VR applications giving off  13.7 TFLOPS of peak performance.

AMD also presented RX Vega 56 and 64, and also Radeon pack which creates upgrades 60+ frames-per-second 4K gaming everyone can buy. The Radeon pack along with the RV Vega graphic cards will be available on August 14, 2017.

Lessening the traditional content creation barriers up to none are the Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG, that are planned to be available in September 13.

Pro WX 9100 made to respond to the most demanding media and entertainment, and design and manufacturing workloads has 12.3 TFLOPS of peak single precision compute performance, Next-Gen Compute Units, 16GB of High-Bandwidth Cache, and 51 percent more memory bandwidth.

While Pro SSG is the world’s first GPU to break the terabyte memory barrier with 2TB of graphics memory.

AMD Studios was also introduced. It will aid developments like AI, super high-fidelity rendering, pre-visualization, virtual production and new post-production technologies, targeting a single end-to-end digital pipeline and aiming to ease production time and effort.

And lastly, together with Inventec, AMD released the new P47, a massively parallel computing platform in a 2U form factor that attends to tasks ranging from graphics virtualization to machine intelligence.

- Lorraine Mae Nevado (OJT)