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AMD unleashes new enterprise-grade PRO A-series processors for desktop and mobile

By Chester Labaco - on 1 Oct 2015, 4:39pm

AMD unleashes new enterprise-grade PRO A-series processors for desktop and mobile

The new mobile PRO A-series APUs are already available on HP EliteBook 700 series Windows 10 notebooks. (Image Source: HP)

AMD has beefed up its enterprise product portfoliowith a new line-up of powerful mobile and desktop processors. Formerly codenamed Carrizo PRO and Godavari PRO respectively, the new processors offer significant improvements in graphics, compute and multi-threaded performance.

On the mobile processor side, AMD unveiled the new AMD PRO A12-8800B processor, its first processor to use the A12 moniker. Other firsts for the processor include an AMD Radeon R7 onboard graphics and 12 compute cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU), two more GPU cores than the previous flagship A10 mobile processors. The onboard GPU also now has up to an 800MHz core clock and 512 graphics compute cores, and a maximum CPU clock rate of 3.4GHz.

Other notable improvements include a dedicated AMD Secure Processor, which ties in with the open-standard ARM TrustZone technology to provide a separate and secure execution environment for sensitive tasks on top of the existing hardware.

According to AMD, the new A12 processor is also the first commercial APU with a true SoC design, which enables it to deliver large gains in CPU, graphics and multimedia performance.

Here's a look at the entire 2015 AMD PRO A-series mobile series:

Image Source: AMD

In addition, the new chips are designed to be highly configurable with the new AMD PRO Control Center, which allows small-and-medium businesses to manage and maintain their AMD-powered systems.

The PRO A-series desktop processors are similarly designed with performance and value in mind. Performance in modern applications like VoIP and video streaming has been a priority, and AMD says that support for AMD Quick Stream PRO means that the new processors can eliminate lag in these latency-sensitive applications.

It does this by automatically identifying and allocating bandwidth for high priority applications. For a full list of the latest desktop processors, please refer to the table below:

Image Source: AMD

Both AMD PRO A-series mobile and desktop processors have already found their way into available OEM systems. The PRO A-series mobile processors are currently offered on the HP EliteBook 700 series notebooks, while their desktop counterparts are offered on a range of small form factor PCs from HP and Lenovo, including the Lenovo M79 Tower and HP EliteDesk 705 Micro Tower PCs.

Source: AMD