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Angkas promises a traffic-free, safer, and professional motorcycle ride

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 4 Oct 2017, 12:52pm

Angkas promises a traffic-free, safer, and professional motorcycle ride

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With the traffic situation and commuting problems in Metro Manila have been looming from bad to worse, the motorbike-hailing app called Angkas is seeking to provide an alternative solution as well as helping motorcycle riding safer for commuters.

Angkas, a mobile app that serves as the Philippines motor taxi, aims to raise the standards of safety in motorcycle transportation. There are five key ways that the mobile transportation app offers Filipino commuters a safer and more professional ride.

Angkas bikers provide each passenger with a set of right gear, such as the high-quality, ICC-certified helmet, as well as a shower cap and a face mask for sanitary purposes, plus a raincoat in case of a rainy weather. They are used free of charge.

Angkas only chooses professional bikers who undergo a background check, safety training, and road skills assessments before they hit the road to pick up and drop off passengers. They can be tracked real-time through the Angkas system and each detailed information was presented to the passengers when they book a ride with them.

After each ride, passengers are asked to rate their drivers, and bikers with consistently poor ratings or those who violate the app’s Terms of Service are removed from the platform.

Apart from the training, Angkas bikers instruct their passengers the right way to mount and ride a motorbike. They are reminded to put the foot pegs down before mounting from the left side to avoid the muffler, as well as to mount or dismount only after the biker tells them to do so in order to keep the motorbike steady.

The passengers are also asked to sit still while the motorbike’s on still position to maintain the bike’s balance. And while in motion, they are taught to keep their balance by holding on to their biker’s waist and lean with the rider’s movements.

Part of Angkas’s safety features also puts emphasis on proper communication between bikers and their passengers. Prior to starting the ride, Angkas motorcycle drivers are trained to ask the passengers about and accommodate the preferred routes, speeds, and their other preferences.

In cases of untoward traffic incidents, both Angkas bikers and passengers are covered by personal accident insurance.

With these safety standards, Angkas aims to professionalize the motorcycle driving and riding industry, and provide commuters a way to beat the traffic without compromising the safety, comfort, and hygiene of the passengers. Download the ANGKAS app for free from the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore, and visit their website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) for more updates.