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Aorus Launches the X7, Touts It as the Lightest and Slimmest GTX SLI Gaming Laptop Yet

By Katrina Canlas & Leo Boon Yeow - on 10 Jan 2014, 9:00am

Aorus Launches the X7, Touts It as the Lightest and Slimmest GTX SLI Gaming Laptop Yet


Aorus is a newly launched gaming (or gaming solutions provider) company that has recently launched their first product -- the 17.3-inch Aorus X7 -- at CES 2014. This gaming notebook is incredibly thin, and measures only 22.9mm, while weighing only 2.9kg. In comparison, last year's Razer Blade Pro, also a 17.3-inch thin-and-light gaming notebook measures a thinner 22.4mm, but weighs a very slightly heavier 2.98kg.

However, the Razer Blade Pro packs a single GPU while the Aorus X7 comes with a pair of NVIDIA GTX 765M chips that have a performance which Aorus claims is on par with other gaming notebooks packing a single NVIDIA GTX 780M GPU. Two other SLI notebooks reviewed at HardwareZone last year -- the Aftershock Titan and the Dell Alienware 18 -- have dual GTX 780M GPUs, but are twice as heavy, and more than twice as thick as the Aorus X7.

Besides having a slim form factor, the Aorus X7 also has a beautiful matte black, full aluminum chassis that gives the machine a premium look and build quality, while incorporating four vents, five thermal pipes and two fans for the cooling necessary for system stability. The X7 comes with 4GB or 8GB of RAM, but there are four slots on the machine, so users are able to upgrade to a maximum of 32GB of RAM. To ensure there are no compromises on performance, the X7 also comes with a pair of 512GB mSATA SSDs for performance, as well as a 1 TB HDD for storing non-essential files. 

Other features that will appeal to gamers include a backlit keyboard with scissor-switch macro keys, a large premium glass trackpad, and an anti-glare full HD (1920 x 1080p) display with 8ms rapid response. For users who aren't fans of gaming headphones, the svelte X7 also has two built in speakers, and two built-in subwoofers that provide the sound needed for immersive gaming.

And if you're wondering how the machine stays so slim, you can rule out skimping on ports as a reason, because the X7 has all the ports you'd expect a gaming notebook to have. It sports three USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a full-sized HDMI port, a VGA port, an RJ45 port, surround port, a mini-DisplayPort, a card reader, microphone-in and earphone-out ports

Source: Aorus