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APOStech's 1st female keynote speaker shares Globe's vision of 1st World Internet for PH

By Jonnah Pante - on 18 Aug 2017, 5:18pm

APOStech's 1st female keynote speaker shares Globe's vision of 1st World Internet for PH

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Emphasizing Globe At Home’s commitment to make Filipino homes more connected through high-speed Internet, SVP for Globe Broadband Business Martha Sazon tackled the topic at APOStech in Hong Kong.

“For us in Globe, at the heart of this is a vision: a Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish, and the nation is admired. Internet really is the great equalizer,” Sazon said, citing the possibilities the Internet has to offer for a better living.

The first female senior leader to deliver a keynote speech in the conference, Sazon told the audience that the most obvious expression of this is entertainment that helps families cope, get by, and have fun.

apostech, globe, globe at home, internet, martha sazon

Raising up the situation of broadband in the Philippines, the senior leader said that an undeserved market engages in a slow Internet speed of  4.2Mbps. Aside from this, she told that service providers have to look for means to reach clients across 7,107 islands.

On top of these, Sazon did not forget the concern that the providers must also deal with matters such as the lack of a national broadband network, bureaucracy in the issuing of permits, and a free TV market.

To address this challenge, Globe At Home disrupted the customer experience through its products and services, starting with accomplishing the deployment of its leading edge network technology.

This can be seen through the Akamai State of the Internet Connectivity Report which showed that the the first quarter of the 2017 included the Philippines’ average fixed broadband speed  rose by 5Mbps or 57% year on year, while also having the strongest growth in terms of adoption in Asia Pacific with a 111% growth year on year.

By providing an affordable world-class entertainment through offering customizable plans that give customers choices depending on their lifestyle, Globe At Home  pursues the proposition of their vision.

Sazon also expressed the company’s service that is based on the changing needs of the customers and asserted the importance of insight, and micro and customized marketing to get to know their customers better.

With this, Globe works by changing the means of the families in watching, listening, playing, sharing, and learning using its bundled content, which customers can personalize according to their preferred content.

Among their choices are high-speed, exclusive content, and innovative devices that would gear their homes, paired with free trials, education, and unbridled use.

By 2020, Globe At Home envisions that two million homes are already connected through high-speed Internet and serve affordable  world-class entertainment.