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Apple looking into iPhone 6S Plus battery percentage bug

By Chester Labaco & Liu Hongzuo - on 22 Jan 2016, 8:17am

Apple looking into iPhone 6S Plus battery percentage bug

iPhone 6s Plus (on the left).

Do you think your iPhone 6s Plus has a buggy battery indicator? You’re probably right, since the Apple support site made a page to address this very issue. The good news is, your battery is likely fine, but it’s still a pain when you’re good with your phone in one moment, and the next would have you scrambling for a power bank or wall socket.

Currently, the bug happens when your iPhone 6s Plus has its clock manually adjusted, or when the time zone changes while you’re traveling. The battery percentage just stops updating after that and that's quite a bummer.

Fortunately, the temporary fix (as recommended by Apple) is to simply restart your smartphone, and turn on the “Set Automatically” feature for your Date & Time function – found in your Settings, under the General section. If you encounter the bug when you did not manually adjust the time on your phone, Apple suggests that you call Apple Support. The company is currently investigating and looking for a solution.

We believe that a fix will come soon as Apple is currently working on a massive iOS 9.3 update. This new major patch comes with enhanced Health and News features, plus a brand new Night Shift function for night-time device users.