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Appsolutely launches the modern-day rewards program named LoyalPlatform
By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 5 Nov 2017, 12:30am

Appsolutely launches the modern-day rewards program named LoyalPlatform

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Appsolutely, a Filipino omnichannel loyalty solutions provider, has introduced a new platform that aims to change the future of loyalty and rewards program named LoyalPlatform.

LoyalPlatform is built on blockchain technology and the LoyalCoin digital token with the objective of spearheading the next generation of loyalty programs, and create a brand new loyalty economy that raises the standards for customer service and loyalty programs in the country.

“The success of any loyalty and rewards program depends on how easily earned rewards can be redeemed. While the loyalty industry continues to grow, participation, and redemption rates remain low because of convoluted mechanics, lack of flexibility, and fragmented options for redemption. We will change all that with LoyalCoin and LoyalPlatform,” said Patrick Palacios, CEO of Appsolutely, Inc.

Appsolutely’s new loyalty ecosystem will comprise of a new digital token, a digital wallet, a series of white-label apps, and a coalition of supporting merchants that will make the exchange of rewards points frictionless and increase adoption among participants. The traditional reward points will be replaced by LoyalCoin, the central piece of this ecosystem.

Blockchain, a highly-secure decentralized database, is serving as the essential part prior to the creation of LoyalCoin and LoyalPlatform. This contains a continuously growing list of data records or transactions that is spreading to commercial applications including loyalty programs due to its ability to interact without compromising privacy and intermediaries. It has right characteristics that will make it possible for brands to provide programs and allow its consumers to choose wherever the venue for using their rewards seamlessly.

In Appsolutely’s new loyalty ecosystem, the points or LoyalCoin earned from one merchant can be used to acquire rewards or pay for products offered by other merchants in the said same ecosystem. That also means consumers are able to earn and spend LoyalCoin whenever and wherever they prefer, creating an open loyalty ecosystem where the consumer decides exactly how would they like to use the rewards they earned.

“As we eliminate the limitations of customer loyalty programs with our unified blockchain loyalty ecosystem where rewards from different brands can be easily exchanged, we will create a more engaging ecosystem that enables brands to create meaningful relationships with customers that results in their sustainable growth” added Palacios.

To learn more about LoyalCoin and LoyalPlatform, visit their official website.