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ASUS introduces the ROG Bezel-free Kit for the best multi-monitor display setup
By Nestor Domingo Jr & Koh Wanzi - on 16 Jan 2018, 9:40am

ASUS introduces the ROG Bezel-free Kit for the best multi-monitor display setup

ASUS Bezel-free Kit

Having three monitors on your computer desk is awesome, but it does not necessarily guarantee of having total immersion unfold right before your very eyes the bezels do still get in the way of it. Having that said, ASUS has come up with a creative solution to make those annoying bezels go away, and it is called the ROG Bezel-Free Kit.

The Bezel-free Kit comprises of vertical lenses and mounts meant to be attached to your gaming monitors at a 130-degree angle. The lenses are set to blend the display image and refract, or bend, light in a way that helps the image flow more naturally from one screen to another.

As a result, this creates the illusion of using a single, ultra-wide, curved display. And the coolest part is the above mechanism that’s really working at all without the need for a software or separate power supply for the kit.

ASUS Bezel-free Kit

Of course, there are certain caveats. For instance, you’ll obviously want the monitors to be the same size, and specifically, the same model, for the best effect. In addition, ASUS cited the kit as working with a range of thin bezel designs, so it means it won’t guarantee to work its magic if your bezels are just too thick.

All things considered, the ASUS Bezel-free Kit is a nifty tool that addresses a problem faced by a very niche audience. Not many will have the use for it, but for those running multiple monitors, it seems worthy of consideration.

ASUS said the Bezel-Free Kit may be released sometime this year, but there aren’t any details on price yet.

Source: ASUS