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ASUS Stages Incredible Innovation Tour for Media Partners

By Martin James David - on 4 Dec 2012, 3:56pm

ASUS Stages Incredible Innovation Tour for Media Partners

Yesterday, ASUS Philippines staged its year-end media appreciation event in the form of an incredible culinary and art tour in Prado Farms in Lubao, Pampanga. Before the journey started, a quick tablet photography presentation from John Chua, one of the country’s leading figures in advertising photography. He discussed tips and tricks with regards to photography and briefed the attendees with his photography-based advocacy programs such as “Colors of a Spectrum”.

John Chua discusses photography tips and tricks and his photography-based advocacies.

Arriving at the destination, a quick tour around the place was given as Prado Farms is known as an art center for living culture, a biodynamic/organic farm, and an educational institution for the underprivileged. With Christmas just around the corner, guests from Quiman Trading – the oldest lantern-maker in San Fernando, Pampanga – presented how colorful modern day lanterns are made.

Design and materials used to make parols have evolved as they now use metal frames, colored paper, plastic, and capiz shells, and electric bulbs that flicker in rhythmic patterns.