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Barracuda Released from Holding Tank

By Joy Hou - on 17 Mar 2011, 4:08pm

Barracuda Released from Holding Tank

Opera Software today set loose the beta of its Opera 11.10 browser, codenamed "Barracuda". Barracuda inherits the streamlined design of its forebears, while its ongoing evolution has resulted in smarter features and faster performance. Download it today for Windows, Mac and Linux computers from

Adaptations found in Barracuda:

More versatile Speed Dial

Speed Dial, which makes it easier and faster to access your favorite sites, has been one of Opera's most-loved features since its introduction four years ago. The number of Speed Dials is now unlimited, thanks to the new Speed Dial flow feature, which opens new Speed Dials dynamically as you add them. Customization options now include new layout choices, and an improved zoom slider lets you fit even 5-column layouts comfortably in your monitor.

See the new Speed Dial in action here:

Easier plug-ins

Barracudas dart through the water with ease. This Barracuda downloads the Flash plug-in with ease. When you visit a page that requires Flash, the Opera browser can now download the plug-in automatically and install it in the background—-a seamless, simple process.

More fun for developers

Peer inside Barracuda and you will find new under-the-hood improvements. A new browser core not only makes Barracuda the fastest version of Opera, but also adds support for CSS3's multi-column layouts and gradients, the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Google's WebP image protocol.