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BenQ Dustproof Series projectors aim toward the education sector in PH

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 13 Jul 2017, 3:31pm

BenQ Dustproof Series projectors aim toward the education sector in PH

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Bolstering its portfolio of projectors in the Philippines, BenQ recently introduced the Dustproof series, consisting of models namely the DX807ST, DX808ST, MW826ST, MW855UST, MH856UST, and the MW864UST. The new projector models are designed to cater to the education sector in the country.

BenQ Dustproof projectors come with a dustproof design with features such as sealed engines that protect the device’s color wheels, anti-dust accumulation sensor, DLP chip, light path components, hall sensors, and dust filters. These components prolong the life and save the unit from the inconvenience brought about by the damaging dirt that may cause electronic components to overheat, moving parts to stick, and devices to break down, all of which lead to costly repairs and downtime.

With the dustproof design, users can enjoy the unmatched durability and performance of each offering of BenQ’s Dustproof line of projectors. They are capable to handle seven times the dust deposit of other projectors without compromising the quality of performance. The projectors also feature an advanced filtration technology that can eliminate 90% of the airborne particles.