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BIGO LIVE now supports game broadcasting

By Patrick Alcantara - on 8 Feb 2017, 9:59am

BIGO LIVE now supports game broadcasting

A new connector feature now lets BIGO LIVE capture your game playing while you stream it directly to the BIGO LIVE community.

Video game streaming is a worldwide phenomenon that has bridged cultures and distance barriers to bring people closer together. BIGO LIVE now makes it possible to do that by offering streamers and broadcasters an avenue to showcase their content to the BIGO LIVE audience.

As mentioned, due to large public demand and the growing trend in live-streaming games, many BIGO LIVE users have used the service to share their video gaming sessions to an audience. However, without proper support, most users just point their smartphones to computer screens which is not the best way. While there are many dedicated game-streaming services out there, setting them up is complicated and requires an incredible amount of work. With the new BIGO LIVE Connector for PC, setting up your game session for streaming on BIGO LIVE is just a few taps away.

For detailed instructions, click here.