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Check out here how many of these eight types of selfies have you aced already

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 13 Nov 2017, 11:42am

Check out here how many of these eight types of selfies have you aced already

We now live in an era of selfie-centric devices, and this scenario includes famous poses that everyone is bound to try and play around with. Good thing, the smartphones that we have around now are equipped with quality camera features that can help each selfie-shooter capture photos in the best way possible!

It is no secret that Filipinos today belong to a snap-happy generation that is always camera-ready. “Smile dito, pose doon!” (Smile here, then strike a pose there!). Thanks to the trust smartphones we have now to express the personalities, and any wacky poses we wanted to do and share on our social medias accounts. Pinoys have been super creative, and sometimes funny in creating and sharing their photos online.

According to ASUS, there are eight different types of selfies that we see in our feeds and these are the ones that we’ll never get tired of seeing. You can try these for your next selfie poses or as your friend says “Wag mo nang i-deny!” (Don’t deny it!), you may have done these poses or at the very least, you may have wanted to try them out.

  1. The Kakagising Ko Lang… 3 hours ago

This is your typical “I woke up like this” shot except that you actually woke up 2-3 hours earlier to get that perfect tousled hair and ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Come on, who are you kidding?

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  1. The ‘Medyo’ Bad Girl/Boy look

A selfie inspired by the infamous Instagram Baddies (see: Kylie Jenner, or pwede rin si Xander Ford), where you simply strike a mean poker or ‘palaban’ face and look as if you just don’t give a care in the world – but in reality, it’s really all about that fierce Instagrammable look!

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  1. The Sparrow Face

Known as the new generation’s duck face, the Sparrow Face is inspired by, yes, that small and plump bird that you’ve probably heard of. You can easily achieve this look by slightly opening your eyes and mouth -- like a hungry sparrow waiting to catch the worm. We also like calling this the slightly nagulat (slightly shocked) pose.

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  1. The Pa-Candid Shot (The ‘staged’ candid shot)

A selfie where it looks like you didn’t know the photos were being taken. We all know the truth; we’ve all seen and done this. And if you’re telling us that you haven’t (and we know you’re smirking right now), stop pulling our leg!

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  1. The ‘Pa-Candid Daw’ Shot (The ‘Staged and Failed’ candid shot)

Candid shots that are epic fail because you can clearly see the hand or the monopod in the frame. But then, as long as you get likes for being so ‘funny and creative’, who cares?

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  1. The Stuck in Traffic Selfie

Yes, this is what traffic does to many people: selfies galore! EDSA, Taft, Katipunan, C5, Ayala, and Sucat selfies are particularly popular, often accompanied with some gripe about their drivers or other cars on the road. Check the hashtag #StuckInTraffic or #TrafficMode to see what we’re talking about! If you haven’t seen one in your timeline, are you sure you’re in the Philippines?

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  1. The I Have My Life Together Shot

Most of these consist of post-workout selfies at the gym, but photos that scream “productivity!” also work! (e.g. A selfie with a book you’re reading, working on a project in your laptop, etc.). These are the selfies where you actually take pleasure in multi-tasking: taking a selfie while being so intensely enthralled with your serious routines. Really?

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  1. The Wefie

And of course, who can even forget about this shot? Wefies can be done anytime, anywhere and with any poses as long as you’re with your family and friends‒and maybe a pesky photobomber or two. Don’t we all love taking wefies? More friends, more scenery, more fun!

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