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Cherry Mobile goes full throttle

By Katrina Canlas - on 10 Mar 2016, 9:19pm

Cherry Mobile goes full throttle

Creating possibilities by breaking technological barriers, Cherry Mobile continues to lead by example in enabling Filipinos to enjoy a more mobile lifestyle.

Affordable, innovative, accessible, and reliable, Cherry Mobile products have definitely grown in strength - and in numbers through the years. Stylishly designed but packed with desirable features, Cherry Mobile handsets have become the mobile device of choice by those who aspire to keep up with today's technology while also being practical.

In 2009, we not only saw Android go mainstream, we also saw everyone jump the apps bandwagon. From entry-level phones smartphones that are packed with features, Cherry Mobile never stops in trying to fulfill its dream of providing "everything for everyone". Thus, the company's thrust for 2016 is centered on just that - creating more possibilities for Filipinos.

It was a bold dream that entailed bold moves from Cherry Mobile as it competed against major global players in the industry. Filipinos were also becoming increasingly tech savvy, their expectations in mobile devices burgeoning as more players came in the market. But mirroring the resilience and innovation of our culture, Cherry Mobile delivered greatly on their goal, which was an outcome of that very same dream they had when they first started. What began with providing quality yet affordable handsets, exciting phone bundles, and value added services have now evolved to providing data and Internet connectivity to the masses by way of offering quality yet affordable smartphones for Filipinos. Cherry Mobile recognized that the success of the company relied in making sure that tech needs of the Filipinos are served first. This became a driving force for the company as it made its way to the top, so much so that in the past six months, the number one mobile phone company in the Philippines attained milestone after milestone of accomplishments, an indication that their goals are being successfully met. Some of these milestones include:

With the FLARE series, Cherry Mobile has achieved an almost impossible feat: offering a high-quality device at a lower cost. The launch of the FLARE series of mobile phones allowed Cherry Mobile to break through the smartphone market in 2015 with a wider range of handheld devices that were phenomenally power-packed but at significantly lower prices than that of its counterparts with almost the same specs. The launch of this popular line of handsets packed with upscale aesthetics and impressive technology, particularly the Flare S4, was a successful breakthrough in the high-end mobile category catered towards the more discerning consumers.

With the success of the FLARE series, Cherry Mobile upped the ante with a significant move that shook the mobile industry: the game-changing acquisition of Jaiyu. Jaiyu is the original device manufacturer responsible for the design and build of the FLARE series that was launched early this year. With a controlling stake in this company, Cherry Mobile now has even greater capability to produce more custom-designed dream devices with Filipinos in mind as the former brings in a more dynamic Research and Development for its products, as well as better control on the custom designs of newer sets—both of which greatly support Cherry Mobile’s dream of a more connected Philippines. With Jaiyu handling the manufacturing side of Cherry Mobile devices, Filipinos can expect the next wave of excellent smartphones to have superior quality at reasonable prices.

Cherry Mobile’s move to adept its Research and Development end hints at future product lines having significantly better specs, parts, designs, and even firmware. This is part of the company’s vision to be a recognized force in tech and design innovation, which will greatly bolster its reputation as a leader in its trade. With Jaiyu’s incredible R&D capacity now part of the company’s core capability, Cherry Mobile products are expected to dazzle and wow everyone in the coming months and years.

In 2015, Cherry Mobile and Globe Telecom entered a groundbreaking partnership to launch the Cherry Prepaid SIM and other phone bundles that offer a value-packed SIM card with mobile data connectivity that allows users to earn monthly rewards and rebates. The SIM cards and bundles now allow more Filipinos to enjoy not just standard calls and texts but also Internet connectivity, the latter becoming an important tool for everyone in the age of social media. This partnership is once again a testament to Cherry Mobile’s dream of providing the best connectivity for Filipinos.

Continuous and better customer and after-sales service

In spite of its impressive growth, Cherry Mobile still looks at its customers as its backbone and vital for all the success it has attained throughout the years, and as a way of giving back, the brand built an excellent customer and after-sales service for its huge base of loyal customers it has gained and retained over the years. The people behind this brand are focused on continuously improving the customer and after-sales service to maintain the good relationship it has with the consumers who have placed Cherry Mobile on top of the mobile industry, that’s why the brand has broadened its efforts to improving reaction times and after-sales service, as well as increasing the number of service centers and hotlines nationwide to ensure giving the best possible service to its loyal consumers who truly deserve it.

“We will not rest on our laurels. We will remain focused on continuously delivering, improving and satisfying customers through improvements in all aspects of its operations. End of the day, our partners and customers will always remain part of our success, “ says Mr. Maynard S. Ngu, CEO of Cherry Mobile.

Cherry Mobile’s care extends beyond its customers. The company has been quietly supporting projects that benefit numerous communities and groups of people through its Cherry Cares program, such as setting up feeding programs to help improve the health of severely malnourished kids; setting up sustainable food programs; setting up typhoon relief operations; setting up livelihood projects for women in the underprivileged urban community; donating for the infrastructure and non-infrastructure support for Adopt-a-School projects; and technology support for the preservation of endangered species, among others.

All these milestones are proof to Cherry Mobile CEO Maynard Ngu’s dream of everything for everyone. What started out as a mobile company making affordable bar phones for Filipinos now has its eyes set to pushing this Filipino-led company to new heights for a highly-connected Philippines, therefore creating possibilities for everyone.

Source: Cherry Mobile