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Concur partners with AirAsia to soar new heights with Cloud Computing

By Ciara Alarcon - on 6 Jun 2016, 10:46am

Concur partners with AirAsia to soar new heights with Cloud Computing


Concur, an SAP company, today announced its partnership with AirAsia to implement an integrated Travel and Expense for its subsidiary AirAsia Global Shared Services, which provides business process outsourcing services to AirAsia Group’s 17,000 employees.

AirAsia needed a solution which would be simple to use, and reduce paper usage and the time required to claim travel expenses.

“We wanted to help AirAsia employees spend as little time as possible on less value-added activities such as managing duty travel and more on growing the business. The shift to digitised claims is a step towards a paperless environment as we continue to utilise more cloud solutions. Concur's Travel and Expense solution key enabling benefit will be to streamline and abbreviate AirAsia’s travel expense process,” said Naresh Alagan, Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia Global Shared Services.

Concur implemented their Travel and Expense solution with the Policy Audit, Travel Allowance and VAT Configuration modules on cloud for AirAsia Global Shared Services. The aim was to reduce travel and expense management impact to all AirAsia Group employees, and in particular for AirAsia Global Shared Service and Finance staff.

The implementation for Concur’s solution is expected to be completed by early July this year. Also, the solution will allow up to 10 persons across the AirAsia Group to be reassigned to more value-adding duties.

“This ability to raise travel approvals, make and pay for hotels and claim expenses all through a single app is a revolution from our current, outdated manual process. The future addition of flight bookings for employees will complete the value chain, reflecting innovative cross-collaboration opportunities when these benefits are available to all Concur clients. The aim is to make life easier for employees all across the world. We are and always will be a business built on innovation, creating opportunities for communities and bridging boundaries,” Alagan said.

Source: SAP