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Cooler Master launches its first Mid-sized modular case with exterior expandability

By Jasper Oregas - on 15 Jun 2015, 1:50pm

Cooler Master launches its first Mid-sized modular case with exterior expandability


(Coole Master MasterCase 5)

At the recently concluded Computex 2015, Cooler Master announced the launch of its first modular mid-tower chassis, the MasterCase 5. The MasterCase is a 460mm tall modular tower that comes in three distinct variations: MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5.

The MasterCase gives the users full control, allowing the users to change or adjust its structure and aesthetics with a range of replacement panels and doors.

Users can choose from the MasterCase 5’s dual top handles and standard door, the MasterCase Pro 5’s elevated mesh top cover, or the sleek lines, solid top cover and brooding, open-vent front door of the MasterCase Maker 5.

Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Features:

  1. Unique Clip and Click components panel
  2. Supports up to six 140mm fans
  3. Supports up to three dual-slots extra-long graphics cads
  4. Dual chamber design with partition panel for power supply and cables
  5. Two slip-and-clip solid state drive pockets with four mounting positions - two hidden behind the motherboard and two on top of the partition

In the MasterCase, FreeForm allows a single case to support a host of different configurations, enabling users to upgrade rather than replace their case and system. Through a unique clip-and click panel, FreeForm also lets users vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages, allowing for multiple system configurations like home servers, water-cooled workstations, or gaming rigs with dual-slot extra-long graphics cards.

The MasterCase 5 and Mastercase Pro 5 will be available on August 2015.

Source: Cooler Master