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Cyberint enters PH

By Patrick Alcantara - on 3 May 2016, 3:04pm

Cyberint enters PH

Cyberint is a leading international cybersecurity firm that offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. IPV Network CEO Miguel Ramos first learned about Cyberint during a business trip to Tel Aviv, Israel, last 2015 where he met Amir Ofek, the CEO of Cyberint.

With the growth of the Philippine economy and Cyberint's targeted move into Western Europe and Asia, the company heads saw a vision of introducing world-class cyber security standards to the Philippines.

On May 3, 2016, Cyberint makes it official entry into the country as represented by IPV Network. Cyberint's most immediate prospective clients would range from those in the financial industry, such as banks and accounting firms, to those in the gaming industry, e-commerce players and key utilities companies. Any company, however, with digital assets and sensitive information is prone to online attacks and must take both precautionary and preventive measures to keep itself safe

Through this partnership between IPV Network and Cyberint, Filipino companies will have the means to do so, with targeted intelligence, targeted services, and targeted protection that goes beyond the perimeter.