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DanaTeq introduces LINK, a self-learning analytics platform for enterprises

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 23 Jul 2014, 10:58am

DanaTeq introduces LINK, a self-learning analytics platform for enterprises


DanaTeq Utilizes Power of Real-time Self-learning Cognitive Analytics Platform Through Its Breakthrough Technology, DanaTeq LINK

Enables enterprises to evaluate and study consumer algorithms to create effective business models

DanaTeq, a company founded by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in robotics, telecom control systems, and defense, developed DanaTeq LINK, a real-time self-learning "cognitive" analytics platform, with the vision of enabling enterprises to implement continuously improving automated business processes through cognitive loops.

LINK evaluates and studies consumer algorithms enabling enterprises to implement the most effective business models to reach their target markets. LINK understands consumer behavior by analyzing how people respond to products and services offered by companies; thereby giving them the advantage to come up with the most effective strategies in reaching out to their consumers.

Customer’s behavior profile changes fluidly based on a number of factors such as location, transaction and current market trends. Due to this complex consumer nature, a “one-size-fits-many” approach may not always work because it only provides blanket services based on a static profile created from very limited set of attributes assumed to be displayed at all times. Subscribers can exhibit multiple and changing profiles depending on the situation. DanaTeq created LINK to handle complex events processing which analyzes transactions real time to provide an up-to-date profile of the customer. The Unified Customer Profile can capture thousands of ever-changing attributes for persona profiling which will be used for offer matching.

The Cognitive Loop Structure

DanaTeq makes use of the Enterprise Product Catalogue which enables customer experience customization through offer bundling and personalized business rules. It is a central repository of atomic products that can be used for offer creation. The catalogue hosts the business rules for eligibility and availment, allowing businesses to create campaigns, loyalty programs, and other customer experience initiatives with great volume and velocity. These rules can be applied and matched to customer segments made available by the cognitive customer profile.

Furthermore, LINK employs innovative techniques in processing complex events, data streams, in-memory processing, and high-performance workflow engine design to deliver business solution-centric products with cognitive capabilities. Cognitive loops ensure that there is continuous improvement in experience to deliver excellent business results. As the customer profile is updated based on their reaction to product offers, LINK‘s learning capabilities detect how offers and business rules should be revised to get to the company’s desired results. The cognitive capabilities of LINK which bridges analytics and execution, can be applied beyond customer analytics and onto network analytics and business process analytics creating a truly cognitive enterprise.

DanaTeq was also selected as one of the Finalists at the recently concluded Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge. Out of 100 competitors, only the Top 7 Finalists were short-listed to make the final event that was held last June 26. This event was sponsored by Nokia together with Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) and was supported by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley.