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Dell EMC expounds on digital transformation through its first flagship event in PH

By Jonnah Pante - on 17 Oct 2017, 6:07pm

Dell EMC expounds on digital transformation through its first flagship event in PH

Following a successful merger between Dell Technologies and EMC Corporation which commenced last year, Dell EMC brought its first flagship event to the Philippines to talk more about digital transformation.

With the theme, Realize, the Dell EMC Forum (DEF) 2017 hosted talks about how the company can aid businesses in the era of digital transformation through modernizing IT infrastructures, automating IT services, and training workforce. The one-day event held in Shangri-La at The Fort hotel attended by IT experts also accommodated tech exhibits from Dell EMC’s partners.

(from left to right) Ronnie Latinazo, Country General Manager of Dell EMC Philippines, Yee Beng Pang, Managing Director of Dell Malaysia, Dindo Marzan, Managing Director of Hatch under Voyager Innovations, Inc., and Samuel Guevara, Executive Director of the Philippine Development Foundation

“The new digital era today is really the next industrial revolution where the data becomes the main driver. This ruthlessly redraws the business landscape in the Philippines. Yet, this monumental change is rich with opportunities,” said Ronnie Latinazo, Country General Manager of Dell EMC Philippines. “We are bringing these experts and showcase to help IT stakeholders in the Philippines rethink their business processes to become more agile, flexible, innovative, user-oriented and customer-focused, and demonstrate how technology plays a fundamental role to help them achieve this,” he added.

Tech in 2030: Human-Machine Relationships

A report presented by Dell Technologies and Institute for the Future (IFTF) and 20 technology revealed that all organization will be a technology organization after fully-embracing digital transformation, and welcoming emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and cloud computing into their business systems.

The report also described human-machine relationships, emphasizing that by the said year, we’ll see more of humans being the “digital conductors” as machines are more equipped and developed to help particularly in industries of healthcare, entertainment, financial services, automotive, and transportation.

In a blog post on Dell’s website, Chief Marketing Officer of Dell Jeremy Burton explained that being a digital conductor means “to use technology as an extension of ourselves,” emphasizing that more than how we need technology in our lives today, by 2030, data will be massive, thus, “we’re going to need machines to crunch through it all and serve up the most important information for us to act on.”

The report also mentioned that by 2030, 85%of workforce will take jobs that aren’t invented yet as of today, thus paving way to “in-the-moment learning” or acquiring skills only when needed.

“The ability to gain new knowledge will be valued more highly than the knowledge people already have. This means that 'in-the-moment' learning will be critical,” Burton reiterated on the report.

On Research and Development

In an interview with select tech reporters, Yee Beng Pang, Senior Vice President for Commercial disclosed that Dell Technologies is continuously leveraging efforts for the improvement of their research and development department.

“We make sure to continue investing. Just because we are a technology company does not mean we would not undergo transformation. We need to transform our processors, we need to improve because digital transformation is here and we need to move as well,” the executive said.

Dell has allotted USD 4.5 billion for research and development alone. This is also in line with the company’s objective of remaining as one of the top technology providers in the competition.

“We don’t want to follow technologies, we want to provide technologies. That’s our mission. Also, to enable end-users with maximum capability of our innovation, technology. Investing in innovation, in our R&D, is our priority,” Yee Beng Pang said. “Not just in the Philippines but worldwide, we are leading, in number one or number two, in all lines of businesses that we have,” he added.

Digital Transformation for SMEs

The Dell EMC Forum has 21 breakout sessions, one of which is attended by Dindo Marzan, Managing Director of Hatch under Voyager Innovations who shared success stories on how slowly adapting to digital transformation can also boost business for startups and SMEs.

In the same interview, Yee Beng Pang urged SMEs and startups to start thinking how digital transformation can be beneficial to them, reiterating that the key point lies on low cost.

“The first thing is do not embrace digital transformation or technology blindly. Be selective and understand first and foremost that it is the business that drives the need for technology and not the reverse. Don’t just follow because somebody’s doing something on technology. Don’t just follow on putting your products and services online without thinking how does it relate to your business model,” he said.