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Digital transformation inherent among PH businesses according to Dell EMC

By Jonnah Pante - on 6 Jul 2017, 4:42pm

Digital transformation inherent among PH businesses according to Dell EMC

At the recently concluded Dell EMC World event held last May 8-11 in Las Vegas, Dell EMC introduced its latest services and products designed to help businesses embrace what seems to be a hot topic in the IT industry nowadays – digital transformation.

 “The digital transformation mega trend will only intensify, reinforcing the need to start the IT transformation journey now,” said Paul Henaghan, Vice President of Dell EMC South Asia and Korea. Dell EMC has rapidly accelerated our ability to develop and deliver technologies that will underpin the next wave of innovation and progress for our customers.”

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To relate this to the local setting, Henaghan said that Dell sees a great opportunity for more Philippine businesses to adapt to the digital economy, citing the country’s active participation in mobile and online commerce as an example.

“What we’re seeing is a massive growth in e-commerce and it’s massively done in mobile phones. More and more people today are shopping online in the Philippines with an estimated 30 million Filipinos who has shopped online through their mobile phones,” Henaghan said.

A recent study published by International Data Corporation (IDC) which talked about the technology trends that will greatly impact local IT leaders in the next three to four years predicted that by 2020, 25 percent of the top 1000 local companies will see a majority of their businesses depend on creating digitally-enhanced products, services, and experiences.

By next year, 25 percent of the Philippine organizations will see the opportunity to improve their operations and IT capabilities, and will have their own digital transformation innovation team. Come 2021, the government will be playing a big part in the digital shift and will lay down an information and communications technology strategy to help Philippine enterprises.

Henaghan also mentioned that entering the digital transformation journey is also about considering the workforce, now that the younger and more digital-savvy generation make up half of the working population.

“There’s a recent survey that looked at millennials coming into the workforce and considering new roles. Over 80% of them are telling you that access to technology and the platforms they use in the work environment are critical contribution to the decision they make to join the organization,” he said.

Recognizing that the Philippines is still on its early stages of embracing digital transformation, Henaghan said that Dell EMC is one of the companies that can aid enterprises in this matter.

“This is what Dell EMC is focused on. How do we help organizations embrace this IT transformation so that they’ll enable the workforce to access the information anytime, anywhere, and do it all in a way that’s secured. Dell EMC is the ideal partner to help customers take the first step,” Henaghan stated.

Among the products announced during the said event include new technology innovation covering all-flash storage, software-define storage, hyper-converged infrastructure, hybrid cloud, and data protection, which according to Dell EMC will aid enterprises reinvent their companies for the new digital era.