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Easy Taxi App Is Now in Manila
By Marvin R. Velasco - on 18 Oct 2013, 12:28pm

Easy Taxi App Is Now in Manila


Taxi paranoia solved! Mobile App for safe transport now in Manila.

If you're in Manila and have to ride a cab by yourself, you probably text the taxi's plate number to your mom or roommate, just to feel secure in case anything bad happens. You insist the driver takes the route familiar to you, and make sure you're at the backseat with all doors properly locked. "Bad" can mean lost belongings, robbery, rape, or murder, and you can't be too anxious with the many actual cases of taxi-related crimes nowadays. But then the driver could charge an excessive fare, pretend he doesn't have change for your bill, or use an altered taxi meter. What to do?

Prevention is better than cure, but that doesn't mean you have to avoid taxis forever especially this rainy season. One mobile application allows you to request for taxis with registered, trustworthy, and tech-savvy drivers anytime, anywhere in just one click of your Android or iPhone.

Largest, most trusted taxi-hailing application

Easy Taxi, the world's largest, free taxi-hailing mobile application, is now operating in Manila. Currently serving 17 countries and over 50 cities worldwide, Easy Taxi connects drivers and passengers in the easiest, safest, and most efficient way. To date, the Easy Taxi mobile application has reached over 2 million downloads worldwide.
Easy Taxi trains taxi drivers on using smartphones with Global Positioning Systems to locate and track passengers. The company thoroughly screens drivers, hires only those with excellent track records, and only partners with other taxi companies that have good reputation.

Local advocacy

Easy Taxi was founded in Brazil in 2011 but has a local advocacy of improving the image of the Philippines' transportation industry as safe, modern, and efficient. What distinguishes Easy Taxi from similar companies is its core values, among them: educating taxi drivers to improve their skills and well-being, taking care of driver-passenger relationships, and providing improved, reliable 24/7 customer service. "A happy driver equals a happy customer" is the philosophy of Easy Taxi.

The company has attracted attention of Smart Mobile, who is now one of Easy Taxi’s partners. “We chose Smart because of their better network reach within Manila premises, its innovativeness, and great account management. Even taxi drivers whose fleets are located at the very end of the city have not encountered problems with data connection so far,” said Mario Berta, Easy Taxi's Managing Director for Southeast Asia.

“Where we would like to differ is on the consumer side (passenger),” said Mario Berta. “All our companies are extremely focused on consumers. Also in the Philippines we want to focus on convenience and a great user-experience," Berta added.

By downloading Easy Taxi, passengers also help the company improve the country's transportation industry in general. Easy Taxi's business model follows that of successful e-commerce companies but has been modified to suit developing market conditions. For example, in other countries, Easy Taxi charges only the taxi drivers for booking fees, since the application helps taxi drivers find more customers. In the Philippines, the passengers and the taxi leasing companies share the booking fees. This is a big help to taxi drivers who usually just rent the taxis they operate, a win-win solution to passengers and taxi operators alike.

The company is funded by the biggest e-commerce incubator in the world, Rocket Internet, and some private investors eyeing global expansion in Asia and Africa. Rocket Internet has been creating e-commerce ecosystems in the Philippines through its popular clothing brands, Zalora and Lazada, which are known for their fast delivery and reliable customer service.

“The ultimate goal is to ease life of passengers to get a cab and increase drivers’ income. This is what this business is all about. We will be heavily investing on the passenger side, making sure every ride is a great, safe, and fast experience. We want our customers to feel empowered by our app. This is our consumer-driven spirit,” Berta added.

Smart and easy as 1-2-3

How does Easy Taxi work? Here are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Download the FREE Easy Taxi mobile application to your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows phone from You can also order a taxi from this website without downloading the application.
  2. Enter your location, mobile number, and indicate a landmark where you wish to be picked up. Click "request taxi."
  3. Wait for the confirmation message that includes the taxi driver's name, photo, car model, and plate number. Your taxi will arrive in a few minutes.

Through the Easy Taxi application you can also monitor the taxi's location. It saves your favorite addresses and ride history, in case you forget your belongings. It's like food delivery in just one click, with the added benefit of tracking your order in real time. Like food delivery too, Easy Taxi contacts the nearest available taxi from your location, so you won't have to wait for long.

For just a PhP 70 booking fee added to your meter fare, you can save time waiting for a cab and have a worry-free ride. That costs as much as another short-distance ride, but how much does safety really cost? Priceless.