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Energizer enhances world's first lithium battery

By Patrick Alcantara - on 8 Feb 2017, 12:44pm

Energizer enhances world's first lithium battery

Energizer is enhancing the consumer device experience with its improved Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery. This advancement fuels devices with more power to meet consumers' evolving battery needs.

“Lithium batteries are known for their long-lasting, high performance, and just one of many uses for these top-performing batteries is the Internet of Things,” said Michelle Atkinson, Chief Consumer Officer at Energizer. “Our lives are increasingly powered by a network of high-tech devices, operating behind the scenes to make everyday tasks easier. Such conveniences are made possible by lithium batteries, and can now perform even better due to the enhanced Energizer Ultimate Lithium.”

With its run-time and performance improvements, Energizer Ultimate Lithium helps devices operate at peak performance and is the world’s highest energy premium AA battery. This means that flashlights shine brighter for longer, camera flashes turn over faster for longer and consumers can use wireless remotes from farther away through marathon gaming sessions.

Enhancements to the battery design will enable the improved Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA to boost run-time performance by 8 to 15 percent, making it the “World’s Highest Energy and Longest Lasting” AA battery.   

The improved Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries are available in all leading stores nationwide.