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Enjoy more affordable roaming rates in these three countries

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 13 Oct 2017, 11:36pm

Enjoy more affordable roaming rates in these three countries

As travel necessities become more expensive the longer one spends abroad, so does the roaming service. This time, staying for longer can be more fun and worry-free with a new and more value-for-money offer from Globe Roam Surf.

On the new Roam Surf for Globe Postpaid customers, the longer one spends in any of the three countries, the lower the price per day of data roaming gets. On Roam Surf for 30 days, customers will only be spending PhP 300 per day for-all day data roaming! This is almost half of what one will spend on the regular daily roaming rate.

Filipinos can spend their holidays in the U.S., visit scenic sites in South Korea, or experience Australia without worrying too much on staying connected online 24/7. Customers can just choose from any of the new all-day data roaming options: Roam Surf 3D for PhP 1,499, Roam Surf 5D for PhP 2,299, Roam Surf 7D for PhP 2,299, Roam Surf 15D for PhP 4,999, and Roam Surf 30D for PhP  8,999.

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“Staying connected has become a priority of virtually everyone, and has become an absolute must when traveling abroad. This is why we are complementing our customers’ travels with options for their data roaming needs. They can avail our daily rate of PhP 599, simply by turning on or they ca enjoy substantial savings with our longer day Roam Surf offers,” says Coco Domingo, VP for Roaming International.

Registration is necessary upon landing at the country of destination, before turning on mobile data and data roaming. To register, customers just need to dial *143# choose Roaming & Int’l., Roaming Promos, Data Promos, then choose the preferred Roam Surf variant.

Customers need to ensure that they are connected to T-Mobile or AT&T in the U.S.A, SK Telecom in South Korea, or Optus in Australia to enjoy the discounted daily rates. For more information, customers can visit the Globe website.