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Enjoy your favorite movies & videos with the Vivo V7+’s all-screen display
By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 24 Oct 2017, 10:02am

Enjoy your favorite movies & videos with the Vivo V7+’s all-screen display

Legendary American filmmaker David Lynch was once famously quoted years ago that even at this age, “One can never have a fulfilling experience watching a film on a mobile phone compared to watching it on big screen”. But with the dawn of high technology, revolutionary features, the once impossible is now possible.

Vivo V7+ is no exception to any movie buff as they would just die to have this newest offering from the 5th in the 2016-2017 Leading Global Smartphone Brands. The V7+’s enlarged all-screen display makes for a perfect screen for watching movies and videos, mimicking the experience of watching one’s favorite flick on the big screen. The user is at liberty to adjust the dimension of the picture when playing a video from the original aspect ratio or the largest version, filling up the entire screen to appreciate the colors and texture of the picture.

Moreover, the V7+’s AK4376A Hi-Fi audio chip level up mobile audio technology notches higher that its counterparts, allowing movie fanatics to better appreciate the sound effects as if in an actual cinema; the V7+’s phone speakers reach up to 3-6dB of external volume. With the Vivo V7+, anyone can now enjoy the beauty and magic of cinema through their smartphone that fit right in the pocket.

The V7+ is also an indigenous selfie-centric smartphone and stands by Vivo’s mission of empowering self-expression of the next generation. This one-of-a-kind smartphone packs the most advanced technologies form its champion display to the rest of its impressive, thumbprint features. From the quality of its photos to its superb screen quality, the V7+ is on top of its game in leading-edge selfie experience. The Vivo V7+ comes in Matte Black and Crown Gold colors for only PhP 17,990 and is available at Lazada, Argomall, and all Vivo concept stores and kiosks.

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