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Epson Launches World's First Large Format Ink Tank Printers

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - on 20 Nov 2013, 3:04pm

Epson Launches World's First Large Format Ink Tank Printers

Epson brings the ink tank technology to large format printers with the SureCOlor SC-B6070 and SureColor SC-B7070.

Epson has launched the world’s first large format sign printers that feature high-capacity ink tanks: The 44-inch Epson SureColor SC-B6070 and the 64-inch Epson SureColor SC-B7070.

Designed for high quality indoor signage printing, the high capacity ink tanks of these printers use original Epson dye-based inks and can be refilled even while the printers are in operation.

These printers represent a far superior solution to third-party ink tanks that are not made by the original printer manufacturer where refilling requires one to stop the printer, and there is no warranty coverage for their installation or else when non-original inks cause damage.

Product Features

Epson Micro Piezo Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head – Able to print at 720dpi in a single pass compared to competing print heads that can only manage 360dpi, the new Micro Piezo print head in the Epson SureColor B-series delivers a high 1440 x 1440dpi resolution and superb quality print output at a class-leading speed of up to 69.5 square meters per hour.

Uninterrupted printing with Epson Ink Tank System and Refill Packs – The Epson SureColor B-series features the world’s first genuine high capacity ink tanks (1.5 litres) for large format printers that allow users to refill the inks while the printers are in operation. These ink tanks are refilled with large 1-litre ink packs that ensure high print quality while lowering printing costs and maintaining warranty coverage for peace of mind.

High Productivity and Reliability

With their ultra-reliable Micro Piezo print head, high capacity genuine ink tank system, ability to be refilled while printing continuously at high speed; the Epson SureColor B-series printers offer productivity that no other printers in their class can match. To ensure a high level of reliability, the printers have a filter in their ink tanks to prevent contamination of the print head, and a low ink level warning system prevents misprints.

“Epson signage printers are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get the best returns from their investments. Our printers offer the best value and high-quality prints that Epson is famous for,” said Jino Alvarez, Head of Epson’s Commercial and Industrial Printer Division.

The Epson SureColor SC-B6070 (44-inch) sells at PhP 340,900 while the Epson SureColor SC-B7070 (64-inch) is worth PhP 799,900.