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Flappy Bird Is Coming Back on the App Store This August

By Katrina Canlas - on 15 May 2014, 12:34pm

Flappy Bird Is Coming Back on the App Store This August


Reports that the addictive Flappy Bird will return soon on the App Store have been circulating the web. Today, all the speculations end as Dong Nguyen, the man behind Flappy Bird, confirmed on an interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans that a new "multiplayer" version of the game that is deemed to be "less addictive" will see daylight this August.

Flappy Bird was a hit a few months back, but it was suddenly pulled out of the App Store due to the huge attention it was getting. Nguyen even said before that he "couldn't take it anymore." Flappy Bird was pulling in US$ 50,000 in ad revenue per day during its popularity, right before it was taken down from the App Store.

While Nyugen mentioned that this multiplayer version is designed to be "less addictive", he didn't give the details how intended it to be so. 

On the interview, Nguyen also mentioned a few details about his upcoming game, which will be a jumping game where players can control a character that jumps from one building to another.

Source: MacRumors