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Forcepoint talks about critical data and IP in presentation

By Jonnah Pante - on 28 Sep 2017, 11:14pm

Forcepoint talks about critical data and IP in presentation

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Tackling the value and vulnerability of critical data and Internet protocol (IP), Forcepoint recently held a media presentation called “Protecting the Human Point."

According to Forcepoint, visibility has been decreased by the rise of technology, citing that organizations can’t address the threats that are hidden.

Regarding the change in technologies, the company pointed out that the only remaining constant in security are the people.

Moreover, the company discussed the cost of an insider breach, with the compromised insider posing USD 493,000 for the average cost per incident and the accidental user posing USD 2,292,000 in the average annualized cost.

Forcepoint says that technology alone won’t result in better security outcomes in spite of USD 81 billion dollars spent on security in 2016 because technologies continue to proliferate and breaches are still frequent.

In addition, less than 50% of organizations shares the idea that technology will boost higher security.

In understanding behavior, while 80% believes its essential, only less than a third of companies believe that they really understand their customers’ behavior.

Forcepoint, a company that understands and detects  workforce behavior anomalies that cause data and IP-related incidents, also presented about being a purpose-built security company, and a recognized market and technology leader.