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Fujitsu drives digital transformation through human centric innovation

By Ashley Lucas - on 7 Oct 2016, 3:13pm

Fujitsu drives digital transformation through human centric innovation

Yoshikuni Takashige, Vice President, Head of Marketing Strategy, Fujitsu Limited

Geared towards empowering people with digital technology, Fujitsu, one of the country's Information Technology systems integrator and solutions provider, gave us a rundown of its plans in driving digital transformation, enabling digital business, and creating a digital future through human centric innovation.

Yoshikuni Takashige, Fujitsu Limited's Vice President and Head of Marketing Strategy, started his presentation with four digital waves. From one billion Internet users or devices in 2000, comes the rise of mobile Internet users in 2010 to 10 billion, which Takashige considered as the first and second wave. In 2020, more than 50 billion connected devices are expected, and this is the third wave. The fourth wave includes artificial intelligence and robotics.

For value creation, organizations, and IT, a new industrial revolution called the digital era is coming. From scarce resources, there will be abundant resources to manage for value creations, with the creativity of people, intelligence, and connectedness considered as value drivers. There will be real-time management for organizations, and the IT industry is expected to embrace digital technology and have flexible architecture and agile development.

Fujitsu's approach in driving digital transformation includes people, information, and infrastructure, leading to the development of innovations that businesses, enterprises, and individuals can benefit from. Here enters the human centric innovation that will cultivate human empowerment, build connected infrastructures, and inspire creative intelligence.

Fujitsu also wants to enable digital business with its MetaArc platform, which helps businesses digitalize and achieve fast IT and robust IT. Takashige mentioned an Intelligent Dashboard that supports the overall optimization of factories, where an operator interacts with a computer, allowing smart factory management.

The company envisions a digital future, as well, where people is at the center of everything. According to Takashige's presentation, "empowered with digital, people will have the potential to achieve breakthroughs previously unthinkable."

Fujitsu is continuously building innovations that will help with the population growth and urbanization. It is also developing technology for aging, environment, food, and disasters.