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Gainward Releases GeForce GTX 560 in Phantom and Golden Sample Editions

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 18 May 2011, 6:39pm

Gainward Releases GeForce GTX 560 in Phantom and Golden Sample Editions

Gainward GTX 560 Phantom Edition

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Gainward launches its Gainward GeForce GTX 560 series. Gainward introduces 3 different customized models to satisfy all hardcore PC gamers’ requirements, Gainward GTX 560 2048MB, Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Phantom” and Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Golden Sample”. Gainward GTX 560 series inherits mighty DNA in GF114 chipset, Fermi architecture 2.0, same as GTX 560 Ti; nevertheless, with more affordable price tag.

Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Phantom”

As the successful release of “Phantom“ cooling series, Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Phantom” is honored again to demonstrate the best thermal solution, equipped with the same revolutionary cooling as GTX 560 Ti “Phantom”. “Phantom2 - Power of two”, revolutionary cooling technology, is equipped with the best in class material. Phantom2 cooling is reinforced the heat dissipation efficiently by two excellent, extreme silent GR8 (Great 8cm) PWM fans; conducting the heat away by remarkable 4 pcs of Gainward Grand-Prix Heat-Pipes Hybrid 6 mm heat-pipes; dispersing overage heat to the air by volumes of delicate shark sink fins.

Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Phantom” is initiated for all 336 CUDA Cores at 822 MHz and 2020MHz for 1024MB GDDR5 256-bit bus wide memory interface with memory bandwidth of 129.3 GB/sec. Thanks to the innovative cooling technology, Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Phantom” is over-clocker’s dream, easily geared up to 10 percent. It exceeds 28 percent performance of the historical record, GTX 460 768MB and increases up to 20 percent Perf/Watt than GTX 460 1GB; for the competing red camp, it can beat the rival in every ways, not only surpasses easily at DirectX10 but also outperforms it proudly by 20 percent at DirectX11.

Gainward “Phantom” Demos Cool Gaming Performance and Silent Acoustics

Gainward “Phantom2” cooler has excellent cooling performance and silent acoustics operation. It is extremely silent under 2D loading, inaudibly running only 6.5dB higher than the environment, almost not detectable. Comparing with other brands’ fansink, Gainward “Phantom2” performs amazingly in low acoustic noise scale, which is 13 dB quieter than others. While in 3D heavy loading (FurMark 1.8.2), Gainward “Phantom2” operates extreme low-temperature, amazingly 16°C lower than competitors’ in the same RPM. Gainward GTX 560 1GB “Phantom” demonstrates the best cooling performance, providing the most silent acoustic operation and sustainability which illustrate its amazing over-clocked capability; you can feel free to test-drive its limit!

Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Golden-Sample”

Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “Golden-Sample” sets at the same core and memory speed as GTX 560 1024MB “Phantom”. It is equipped with brand new Great 9cm(GR9) silent PWM turbofan; comparing with 8cm fan, it is not only enlarged 26% fan surface but also increased to 15 Helical-shaped turbofan blades, in order to reach optimized airflow and air pressure. Gainward GTX 560 1024MB “GS” has highest C/P value; contributed by the excellent GR9 silent turbo PWM fan, it achieves at the lower temperatures and silent acoustics with outstanding over-clocking ability and sustainability. It retains excellent thermal performance, great stability under aggressive over-clocking which leaves lots of head room for exercising over-clocking maneuver by Gainward awarding winning Expertool utility.

Gainward GTX 560 2048MB

Gainward GTX 560 2048MB runs at default GPU clock 810 MHz, while its shaders and memory ended up at 1620 MHz and 2004 MHz respectively. The huge display memory size offers users a future proof graphics solution for upcoming games with increasing memory requirement. It is not only equipped with QuattroPorts (Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDMI & legacy VGA ports) to fulfill universal connectivity to diverse displays but also benefits of the brand new Great 9cm (GR9) silent PWM turbofan, to demonstrate the excellent thermal performance, great stability.

Gainward GTX 560 series is the perfect upgrade of 1080p premium GTX gaming and it packs Nvidia graphics technologies - PhysX, CUDA & 3D Vision or more immersive 3D Vision Surround in SLI configuration. It has sweet price performance level with better power consumption. With Gainward GTX 560 series cooler, silent acoustics, lower power consumption, excellent over-clocking potential and stability.

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