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Galaxy S9 will cost 25% more than the Galaxy S8?

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez & Cookie Monster - on 7 Feb 2018, 1:50pm

Galaxy S9 will cost 25% more than the Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S9. <br> Image source: @evleaks

Although the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are seen as incremental upgrades over the existing Galaxy S8 models, Samsung is rumored to charge at least 25% more for the new phones. 

According to a TechRadar source in the U.K mobile phone deals industry, the Galaxy S9 is said to be priced at £789. To put the rumored pricing in perspective, the Galaxy S8 was launched in Singapore at S$1,148. That's a whopping 25% increase in pricing! 

"You can expect the S9 to cost £100 more than the Galaxy S8 when it was released last year," said our exclusive source. "The truth is that last year's massively inflated smartphone prices on handsets like the S8, Note 8 and iPhone X have shown that there are plenty of people out there willing to pay these higher prices."

Since Apple is able to rake in record revenue despite selling lesser iPhones in the holiday quarter, Samsung might be following the same strategy for the Galaxy S9.

This will not bode well for the smartphone industry; phone shipments in Q4 2017 dropped 9% compared to 2016 over the same period. Strategy Analytics said it is "the biggest annual fall in smartphone history" and cited longer upgrade cycles and higher average selling prices of flagship phones as the main reasons. 

Source: TechRadar