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Garmin Strengthens Local Presence with a Media Event

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 12 Mar 2012, 7:15pm

Garmin Strengthens Local Presence with a Media Event

Mark Tan, President of NAVCO, distributor of Garmin products in the Philippines.

Aiming to strengthen its presence in the Philippine market, Garmin today introduced its portfolio of products at an exclusive media event held in Taguig. Garmin, a brand that is strongly associated with GPS navigation devices, carries a multitude of devices that are divided into three main categories.

Starting off with the ‘On the Road’ category, these Garmin devices are perfect for daily use and long-distance trips. Besides their sleek and portable designs, these devices also feature a convenient user interface with audible voice which makes them very easy to use.

Mark Tan and Neil Tan, NAVCO's Executive Vice President, presenting the Garmin Forerunner 910XT which costs around PhP 24,000 locally. Garmin also has an entry-level model, the Forerunner 110 which costs only PhP 11,000.

Preloaded with comprehensive maps, Garmin’s ‘On the Road’ devices do not require wireless Internet connectivity. They also feature ecoRoute, an app that provides users with alternative routes, allowing for reduced fuel consumption. Select models of Garmin devices integrate Bluetooth, compass, and TV tuner. An optional accessory for Garmin ‘On the Road’ devices is the dashboard camera which can capture 720p videos. This can serve as the vehicle’s blackbox in the case of a road mishap.

The next line of Garmin’s products falls under the ‘On the Trail’ category. Their features are very similar to those of the first category, but they are more intended for outdoor navigation and activities like hiking and hunting. The last but not the least is the ‘Fitness’ category. Devices under this class are meant for individuals who are into extreme sports activities like triathlon.

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